So is anyone following Witchblade?

By the way, if anyone posts spoilers to this thread 'cause they read the books, I’ll be damned if I won’t sprout a four foot blade from the back of my hand and cut your liver out.

My husband and I have been watching Witchblade on TNT, and found it refreshingly not sucky. I have come to love Yancy Butler, the actress who plays Sarah. It’s great to see a pretty girl who’s not afraid to pull an ugly face when it’s called for. At least she’s doing a better job than in “Mann & Machine,” eh?

It’s cool how the story keeps evolving. Secrets are kept for more than two episodes! Layers within layers within layers. It’s also nice that they have the courage to kill off important characters.

Of course, there are dumb comic-booky elements, but over all, it’s worth watching.

I saw the first 3 episodes 'cause I really like Yancy Butler and I thought the premise had great potential, but the stroboscopic, or whatever you want to call them, action sequences annoyed the Hell out of me and I haven’t watched recently. Maybe if they killed off the director?
Seriously, have they gotten over trying to make it look like The Matrix? Can I watch again?

I think they lightened up a bit, but some of it’s still in strobe-o-vision. They’re probably trying to parlay it into a “unique look.”

I think the actions sequences have improved and gotten much more convincing. The motorcycle-jumping scene in the first episode (or was it the movie?) was just tooo stupid for words. Since then it’s gotten much more subtle.

I’ve been following the series pretty regularly this summer – missed a few episodes but mostly I’ve kept up. Yeah, it’s a little hokey, but it’s fun, and with Buffy and Dark Angel in reruns, I’ve got to get my “girl power” fix somewhere!