So it seems creepypasta has hit the big time...

In, like, the worst possible way.

Now, we all know that most of this is the same kind of reaction we got to heavy metal, first person shooters, and rap. But not being part of that community, I’m curious as to the reaction within those who write creepypastas. Anyone know?

Ya beat me to it.

I give it about two weeks before has a placeholder screen: “Currently experiencing legal troubles”. I’m far from holding them responsible, but I think this is going to shake up the 'net quite a bit.

just adding some piercing realism to their writing.

Hold up, I’m really curious. Could the complaint shed any light on this situation?

I’ve seen the idea put forward in other places that the creepypasta/slenderman story is just a cover to give them some kind of insanity defense down the road, that the girls were just smart enough to do some research for some cover excuse and really did this out of sheer jealousy/rage/whatever.

this is no different than blaming Friday the 13th movies if you killed someone in the 80’s. only the mentally unsound would do such a thing.

Two *twelve year old girls *are being charged as adults? What a fucking travesty.

I dunno. I don’t care how old you are, if you have the mental stamina to stab someone 19 times, I do not want you around me.

Aw, Slender Man just wanted hugs!

Did you read the details of this horror story? They had three scenarios to carry out the murder, concocted over several months, so premeditation was obvious. They brought in accomplices and acted on the premeditation by trying to stab another girl to death and had a plan to then flee the scene. At least one of them has stated that she “[have] no remorse.” While most 12-year olds don’t yet have well-developed brains, there are exceptions. I’d say that at least one of them has a sociopathic personality and should be tried as an adult, although it’s likely she’ll end up in a mental facility.

I have no problem with them being charged as adults, even though the parents of these girls clearly share in the blame. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the girls’ attorneys will likely try to waive the case back into juvenile court. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up in juvenile court after things settle down a bit.

Apparently, the main site has a statement out for obvious reasons.

If I were them, I would emphasize as much as possible that they are a “collaborative horror fiction website.” That’s a very accurate and succinct description that people can understand and doesn’t sound, or make them sound, like they’re weird or out there somehow. That can be important at a time like this.

I hope so. Unfortunately, creepypasta has already been dragged into it.

I have no vested interest in creepypasta, but I’d hate to see any site shut down just because people need a scapegoat. D&D was blamed for a suicide, Ozzy for a double suicide, and Marilyn Manson for Columbine (at least at first), but there was no way to really close them down. I really hope c-p doesn’t get hounded out of existence, because if they are, dominoes will start falling.

Why is this adult content freely available to kids? Slasher movies are R rated and kids aren’t allowed in the theater.

this site should be behind a pay wall. Adult verification through a cc.

I had never heard of Slender man before this news story. He looks like The Silentsfrom Dr Who.

You can see similar on YouTube. I read horrible stuff via my town’s public library as a kid. And I haven’t murdered anyone, because I am not a sociopath and have a well-formed sense of right and wrong.

Hear, hear. There’s nothing on any of these sites that wouldn’t be out of place in Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark, or even Goosebumps. You cannot hold artists responsible for what deranged people do in response to their works.

Or the Gentlemen from Buffy. It’s an old trope: guy who looks conservative and incapable of giving harm, except for his evil face/head.

I’ve always wondered about the headline writing in cases like this. Read the dictionary. If someone stabs you 19 times, they are NOT your friend.

Sounds to me like the 2 girls are psychos and are using the Slenderman/Creepypasta as an excuse. Or are seriously fucked in the head. (Well, in my book anyone who can stab someone else 19 times is by definition fucked in the head).

Sucks that this will may end up being mainstream America’s introduction to Slenderman. My then 12-year-old son made an awesome Slenderman costume for Halloween in 2012. We had fun scouring thrift shops for a kid size business suit, red tie and gloves. Used a white morphsuit mask for the head. He even won “scariest” in his middle school costume contest. Now these asshats have to ruin it.

Plus they completely miss the modus operandi of Slenderman. He’s one of the most passive horror figures ever. He materializes in proximity to his victims and just stands there. If he’s close enough and you don’t look away, you go insane from fear. That’s it. No stabbing, no realm to enter, no desire for disciples.

I must say I’m extremely glad the victim survived.