So I've got this strange e-mail from my ex sitting in my mailbox...

…but I can’t get it open.

What could it be, I wonder? I haven’t heard from her in almost a month-and-a-half, so it’s gotta be something important. The file size is about 110k; maybe it’s a picture. Maybe a naked picture! :smiley: Naahhh, probably not, as those were non-existent while we were dating, and I see no immediate reason why that should’ve suddenly changed. Unless it’s of me, although returning one’s anniversary presents seems pretty underhanded, if you ask me.

Or maybe it’s a pic of my bedroom window, taken from the bushes out front. Tinged in red, of course, as she’d have to use some sort of fancy infrared thingamajig to make the suggestion of forthcoming bodily harm seem plausible. There could be more of these, depicting me performing all sorts of mundane tasks: going to school, walking the dog, taking out the trash, etc. In any case, maybe I should stop wearing the boxers with the purple hearts and the bunny tail out to get the morning newspaper.

Do I delete it? It’s kinda cute, sitting there with her name on it, staring up at me with its big beaming puppy-dog eyes. But I can’t do much with it, as it is. I probably should respond to it, as I’ve been meaning to get back in contact with her for the past little while. But then my effort would just seem insincere, and I piss her off, and one day I come home to find a dead fish in my mailbox, and then Vinny and Lefty swing by, and then I’m in the trunk of an unlicenced mob car heading towards the abandoned wharf, and general bad stuff happens.

Damnnation. I really, really want to know what it says.

Maybe it is a virus that was automatically sent to you because your name is in her address book.

I didn’t mean to spoil the magic…

Yeah I was wondering why you couldn’t open it - is your antivirus program stopping you?

Nope, it’s not a virus, just a message saying that “this page cannot be displayed because it may have been removed or had its name changed.”

Maybe it’s an extremely cryptic way of telling me she’s changed her name and moved to Kuala Lumpur? Just a thought…

Maybe she sent it, but then changed her mind and deleted it from all boxes?

We have that option here on our e-mail at work, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with all e-mail systems. If I saw something like that though, that’d be my first assumption.


belladonna - I know Recall Message works with Exchange and probably other corporate email systems, but as far as I know there is no way to recall a message sent over the Internet, even from within a corporate email server.

Treviathan - Dude, that really sounds like the Klez virus. Quit monkeying with it and delete it. If it’s coming up with “page cannot be displayed” it could be because your anti-virus software is preventing the page or whatever it is from loading. If you really want to know if she sent it, email her and ask her if she sent you any emails with attachments lately. If not, warn her that she may have a virus. Uh, that her computer may have a virus, that is.

Ha ha, that’s the funniest result of the Klez virus I’ve ever heard of. No offense.

110k? Can’t open it? That’s a Klez virus if I’ve ever heard it. I still get about a dozen of these a month.

Crap, actually, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the subject line? Plus what is the exact filename of the attachment? Are you using Hotmail, Exchange, or what? On Hotmail, the Klez message opens up, but is completely blank. Normally, when people send attachments they at least leave a message.

From Klez, with love. :smiley: