So, .. just how do you USE a Bidet?


How do you use one? Just squat and rinse? Use a brillo pad and scrub and rinse? Paper and rinse? left hand and rinse?

I mean, by (ahem) personal experience and by having worked in a hospital as a butt wiper before (among other tasks) I know that excreta is often clay like and not all that easy to remove.

I mean I’ve read posts here where they talk of people in India squatting in fields in the morning with a pitcher of water and nothing else. The left hands must get washed when they go inside their homes. Don’t their baggy trousers get wet when they pull them up or is that the reason many wear such baggy trousers? Or do they just rinse the left hand, which is why they use only the right to shake hands with?

These burning questions need answering! I wanna know!

How do they dry their asses? Even with a bidet? Paper or cloth? Use a hand cloth towel to wipe your ass? Eeeewwww! How do you keep them separate from the hand towels in the wash later on? In India, the morning laundry piles must be aromatic to say the least if they use towels.

How do you use a bidet?

Brillo pad optional. :smiley:

Well that answers some of the question. What do you do if it is (eeewwww!) clay like and messy. In the hospital I often needed to clean people up with a basin of warm water and a wash cloth for scrubbing.

I used a bidet for the first time about a year ago, and enjoyed it more than I ought to admit.

I had an Italian girlfriend and when she visited me she would regularly bitch about the lack of a bidet.

From discussions with her, and in my limited experience, the bidet is not used in lieu of paper, it is used after paper. So you do your thing, wipe up as you normally do, and then give yourself a good squirt on the bidet. They have cloth towels to use for drying yourself off afterwards. I suppose you could use them for scrubbing yourself while there is still material left around the um… cavity, but in my experience a standard wipe followed by a good squirting doesn’t leave much to scrub off.

I think what surprised me the most was that the water was nice and warm

What follows applies to France…I didn’t even know there were bidets in India, so I don’t know why and how they use them…

AFAIK, you squat, use soap or whatever equivalent and rinse. People weren’t supposed to use the bidet to wash their ass just after leaving the toilets and without wipping their ass first with paper. So, basically, it’s exactly the same than when you take a shower or wash your hands. As for the towel, I assume you wash your ass and other bits also when you take a shower, and don’t hesitate to use a towel to dry whatever is wet…

Anyway, the original purpose of the thing wasn’t to wash yourself after going to the toilets, but to prevent pregnancy by rushing to the bidet and washing just after an intercourse. It could also be used with various medecines poured in the water for various diseases, in particular MST. My grandmother used it essentially for feet baths. She would pour in the water some sort of powder supposed to ease her feet aches and then would sit on a chair for half an hour or so with her feet in the bidet.

Very few people still use them here (except for unintented purpose like refreshing the beer bottles) and they aren’t installed anymore in new houses or appartments

I know someone who tells a story of an incident in Europe. It involved first time use of a bidet, misconception as to how well the bidet had cleaned the area, confusion over what to dry oneself with after bidet use, and… a white hotel towel :smiley:

This sounds kind of UL-ish. Do you have a cite for it?

Nope. I’ve only been told so. But since I saw a reference to this use of the bidet in litterature from end of the XIX°-beginning of the XX° at least twice (none was explaining exactly what the women were doing with the bidet, but the context seemed to leave no doubt) I assume the writers were aware of this use of the bidet at their times.
Anyway, I don’t understand why it seems ULish to you. Women did wash up to avoid pregnancy, sometimes using an item designed for this use I don’t know the english name of, and the bidet seems the most appropriate place to do so. Not sure why it appears more ULish to you than washing after going to the toilets.


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