So, Pink Floyd gets four minutes of airtime!?

Please, someone tell me this (lineup times at bottom of page) is wrong.

The American TV coverage of Live 8 will only show four minutes of Pink Floyd (w/ Roger Waters)!?

And we get twenty minutes of Will Smith!? Twenty-one minutes of Bon Jovi!?


If this is true, where can I (in the U.S.) watch the entire Pink Floyd performance?

Like that page says, AOLmusic will stream the whole thing live, and allow on-demand viewing for six weeks after. If you meant TV only, I don’t know. isn’t coming up for me for some reason, but man I hope that’s wrong. Pink Floyd with Roger Water is in an event. They need to show more than goddamn commerical break’s worth.

I assume AOLmusic is only for AOL subscribers, right?

Wait a second-- Are the VH1 and MTV broadcasts going to be identical?

I can’t seem to find anything that says…

Twenty one minutes of Bon Jovi is way too freakin’ much, and I’ve no idea why they’re giving it to him (Will Smith, I can understand, but don’t agree with). Hopefully, they’ll sell DVDs of the event, and if not, clips of it will probably show up on the web within a short time.

In fact, it’s a lifetime supply.

Well DUH! They are only going to show you enough with the hope that they’ll be able to make you pay for something featuring the whole thing.

I was skeptical of AOLs coverage (XM appears to be running their normal programming if you try to stream over the Internet), but, at least on DSL, it appears to be fairly high-quality and free, though you’ll probably need IE and WMP9 (or whatever they’re up to now.)

Great, so it looks like I’m screwed. I can’t watch streaming video, because I don’t have a broadband connection.

I can’t believe they are not showing more than four minutes of Floyd! This sucks! Oh well, I guess I’ll wait for the DVD.

It looks like they are going to show the exact same coverage, but it’s not 100% clear.

I think that if you go with the low-quality, dial-up connection, you’ll probably get little-to-no video and decent streaming audio. And, let’s face it, the audio’s the important part anyway. As long as it doesn’t have to rebuffer every 15 seconds.

I’m gonna record it on MTV. Since the most of the shows will nearly be over, I’m hoping MTV will do some editing.

Keep an eye out for a rare appearance by the king of rock and roll… Bill Gates. On stage at the London gig, I kid you not. It was surreal.

I thought I saw that. That was weird.

Next up, Linus Torvalds and the Kernel Compilers.

While Bon Jovi and Will Smith are not much better, you do know that Pink Floyd are a dead band? Its most renowned hit was a “school sucks” whine worthy of a thirteen year old, and Rogers and co have had little to do with popular music in twenty years or more. Indeed, Will Smith and Bon Jovi both have the benefit of being slightly more contemporary.

Pink Floyd is lucky to get the allotted four minutes. That’s all the time it will take for them to play the relevent music they’ve recorded in the past twenty years.

I’m ducking for cover and you might want to as well.

Wow, for a guest you sure do jump right in, don’t you? Us "old fogies’ still like Pink Floyd, thankyouverymuch. That they reunited for this concert gives us hope. You are more than welcome to listen to my share of Bon Jovi nad Will Smith.

Well, that part’s not a very brave statement, since the full Pink Floyd lineup that will be playing at Live 8 hasn’t recorded anything at all in the last 25 years.

Well, they (without Roger) managed to sell out Giant’s Stadium and Yankee Stadium back in the mid 90’s. (I was there for both, yeah me!).

And their masterpiece concept album “Dark Side of the Moon” has managed to stay on the charts for, well… I’m sure some has the stats handy, but many many years.

And… oh, why am I even bothering?

741 consecutive weeks. Probably would have gone longer, but Billboard changed their chart criteria.