So, Pink Floyd gets four minutes of airtime!?

News to Coldplay, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Billy Corgan, and all the other contemporary artists who acknowledge being influenced by Pink Floyd.

I’ll say nothing.

…Because I’d probably go all out.

That was more than four minutes.



That was fantastic!

I thought the reunion was amazing. I wish they could have done a few more songs. I was hoping for “Mother.”

it was awesome but VH1 needed to cut the end of thier set for …

Amen brother…while we’re at it, fuck the Beatles and fuck those old fogies Beethoven & Mozart, what have THEY done for us lately?

Well I’ll be…It was more than four minutes! :slight_smile:


I must say, Roger looked very happy to be onstage. It looked like he was really having a good time!

Tour, Tour, Tour! :wink:

Nope, what we need is exactly this: brief, controlled-environment reunion events. So as not to give them a chance to remember exactly why David and Roger were pissed at each other.

Good show. Now if they had brought Syd back, then I’d really be impressed.
Arnold Laaaayne…

…had a straaange hobby.

I was thoroughly impressed with the performance. The ABC coverage, however, was for shit. They cut off the last few verses of “Money”.

As for The Who, I didn’t expect “family-friendly” ABC to let the “fuck” slip in “Who Are You”!

They did block the “shit” part of “bullshit” in Money.

I remember reading the last few pages of Nicholas Schaffner’s Saucerful of Secrets, where Syd’s ultimate fate as a minimally functioning burnout was described. It was quite sad.

Not really. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of many backers of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Well, the folks at Adult Swim were pretty pissed at MTV’s coverage of Live 8, and the Pink Floyd reunion in particular. They had some rather snarky comments in their bumps about it tonight.