So, tell me about Smith & Wesson

Anyone out there who has any experience with the company, please let me know what you think of them? Do they make good guns, crap, overpriced, underpriced? Hoiw do you feel about the company?

Any particular reason why? Just curious.

I own a S&W Model 28 that has given me 30 years of reliable service, firing all types of loads and suffering much abuse in the process. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else as my main nightstand gun.

S&W is somewhat of a prestige brand with a reputation for quality (although several other brands are good too). Some people seem to really like the name itself. There are lots of jokes with Smith and Wesson in them like bumper stickers that say something like, “This vehicle is protected by Smith and Wesson.”

I’m thinking about buying stock in the company, so I want to know if they make a quality product.