So THAT's what it's like to have a job.

Man, these 8 hour days are killing me.
I just started my new job this morning. Up and out of the house by 7am - didn’t get home 'til 6pm. I missed all my talk shows, game shows, infomercials and I have no idea what went down in Judge Judy’s courtroom today! How’s a body supposed to keep informed?

The first day was pretty good. I spent 4 hours receiving training on Excel, which I already know, so mostly I just refined my brown-nosing techniques (still sharp as a tack, I might add).

Now, here I am back a zyz’s place, scamming some computer time, and contemplating his extremely comfortable couch.

Jeez, having a full time job sure makes me ramble, doesn’t it?

Apparently having a job makes me stupid, to boot.

That there above post was mine, not zyzzyva’s.


This must be a widespread problem. It seems to have affected everybody I work with, anyway.