So That's Why I Found Her So Damned Attractive!

I was watching VH-1’s Washed Up Celebrities–er, Where Are They Now? and they were doing 70s TV superheroes. One of which was Isis played by Joanna Cameron. That was one of my favorite shows when I was a wee one, and I remember thinking that she was awfully good looking. They start showing clips of the show and I start chuckling to myself thinking that obviously what attracted to me to the show wasn’t the writing, when suddenly it hit me: My last girlfriend looked a hell of a lot like her! And now that I think about it, one of my other girlfriends looked a lot like her as well. Hmm, wonder if there’s an “Isis fanclub” and if I’d have any luck at one of their conventions?

Luck or no, there’s sure to be a lot of look-alikes at one of their conventions. Could be the happy hunting grounds for a certain you-know-who. (nudge, nudge)

I dunno, I’ve got a feeling most of the people you’d meet at an Isis convention would be nerdy boys with pens in their shirt pocket.

Tuckerfan has good taste.

Are you any relation to “The Great Santini?” I hope so.

Yeah, cool. But where is she now? In Tuckerfan’s second link, the last thing she is credited for was way back in 1982.

Where is she now?

Upon leaving television and film as a director, producer, and popular actress, Ms. Cameron went on to a successful career in the medical field as a nurse. Upon finishing that career, Ms. Cameron entered the hotel business. She appeared at her first Fan Convention in June of 2002 at Trek Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Realizing that many fans had grown up with Isis if only for a brief portion of their young lives, Ms. Cameron started appearing at more conventions. Her second convention experience was at the Dallas ComiCon from October 11-13, 2002.

There’s still hope for a convention!

Related to, no, the reincarnation of, yes.