So the company is based in Africa. And it's called... Nigaz... mmkay.

Remember the (ridiculous) flap over the use of the word “niggardly”? I’m surprised the Rev. Jackson hasn’t latched on tho this…

I used to travel to Indiana for work. There seemed to be signs everywhere for “Raper RV”. They seemed to be doing a brisk business.

Ah, yes, Tom Raper. I see his billboards constantly and have been ever since I was a little kid. They say women should never go over to his lot unaccompanied.



I’m no expert on this but I believe you just won the thread.

I, for one, would love to see Jesse Jackson tell the Russians how to run their businesses. Maybe he could track down Putin and give him the what-for. In Siberia. Miles from the nearest town.

Hey, you all, play nice. I’m a nice little white girl and I’m still reeling from learning that because one of my slave owning ancestors was a rapist, I’ve got cousins who are Nigaz.

And if they do, they’re just asking for it.

:confused: Nice single entendre there.

Someone doesn’t quite get it.

I live near his RV brothels too.

You have cousins who are Russian gas producers? They must eat way too much cabbage and beets.

I’ll admit right off I’m not usually a Sampiro fan. But my hat’s off to you sir, because that was hilarious.

I had to turn down an interview with thiscompany (seriously).

Nigro, please.

At least 3/5ths of you are going to hell.

Well, we always knew Nigaz knew how lay that pipe.

You’re doing it wrong. Fail. Unless this was some sort of cryptic commentary on the casual racist language/jokes being hurled about in this thread, to which you disagree with but was looking for the best ironic way of presenting this fact, and then (after some thought) assumed the role of a clueless white girl who doesn’t understand the awkward logic that all the posters have been using to churn out a sensible word pun of popular American sayings that include the (otherwise pejorative) word “Nigger” or it’s variations (Nigga/Niggas/etc…) but just seemingly likes to casually throw out racial slurs for fun without any hint of punchline…

I see what you’re trying to do here…

I assumed your link was going to be to Nigro, Nigro and White.

Nigros control international banking and finance!

Did you read the rest of the names on msmith’s company? The Jewish conspiracy is still running things.

Then again…

If you consider both companies together…

Nigros: 3
Jews: 3
Whites: 1

Woo hoo! Equality has been achieved, the white patriarchal hegemony has been overthrown! Long live the worldwide Nigro/Jewish banking cabal!

Market research is being done on a new line of domestic products, to be called House Nigaz.