So the company is based in Africa. And it's called... Nigaz... mmkay.

Not really pitworthy but the responses may be.

Gazprom seals $2.5 Billion Nigerian Deal

I can already imagine 9,420 button down white guys calling their brokers to place orders for stock just for the erections they’ll get from the stares and chaos and possible wrongful termination lawsuits they’ll get by their morning calls to check on their portfolio.

“Hey Ken, this is Brandon, I just wanted to call and ask ‘Whassup with my Nigaz today? WHAT? Oh no no no no no, don’t tell me that. Some Nigaz is goin’ down? Hell no, just yesterday you told me I was about to see some Nigaz rise up! What about that new urban subsidiary of the company and their pipeline? No, you told me I was about to see some cash once you got the inner city Nigaz hooked on the pipe!”

You may flame me now.

[note to self- call broker Monday]

Pronounced “NIGH-gaz”, I presume, but even so… :smack:
…flame… tee hee

This is actually old news, they started clearing ground for the building of the new refineries a while ago. I was in Nigeria at the time, and the company condemned the land my hostel was built on. We were forced out at our own expense. I lost everything I had.

The worst part? Nigaz stole my bike.

Perhaps you should join the Nintendo Fun Club today, mac.

So if I want to call the company to complain about their name, and I dial directory assistance to get their number, I have to ask the operator, “Nigaz, please?”

Hey dude, look at this map of Africa–they got a whole country called “Niger”!

Sampiro, I bet you have checked into the company’s fiscal soundness before deciding whether to invest. I ain’t saying you’re a gold digger, but you ain’t messing with no broke Nigaz.

Clearly, this must be stopped. Let us all band together to keep the Nigaz down!

You mean like, there’s other countries besides America? That’s allowed?

I work for a gas company myself. Would you believe I actually had to call them the other day? The switchboard operator was so rude! I finally got her to transfer me to the right person, and he was rude too. I couldn’t believe it. Nigaz with attitude!

They’ve consolidated all desert exploration operations into a subsidiary called SandNigaz.

The weird thing is that if you live in Alabama and tell people “I’m thinking about buying some Nigaz” nobody bats a brow.

It’s been a bear market for so long–I’m really hoping for some uppity Nigaz.

For many years there has been a large sign for this company boldly proclaiming the word “FAG” in the metro Detroit area. I’ve wondered how it could have gotten as far as establishing an office in America without someone pointing out the potential issues with the name “Fag”.
Their office was located on one of the goofiest named roads in the area too: Big Beaver Road.

However you look at it this is going to be a huge company. To emphasize their expected profitability they intend to market themselves under the slogan Big Buck Nigaz.

Hey, FAG Bearings is a major employer in my hometown! I think the name is older than the epithet.

As the token Russian speaker on this thread, I cast the Hairy Eyeball of Shame upon you all.

Nevertheless, if you need some quality extraction and pumping equipment installed, you couldn’t do better than calling in the pipe-bangin’ Nigaz. (And it is actually pronounced KNEE-gaz…)

Will unrealistic earnings expectations cause industry insiders to suggest, “that Nigaz’ crazy!”?

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re appalling : every single day there are more foreigners in the world. And the government does nothing.

Pipe-hittin’ Nigaz with pliers and blowtorches, no less.