"So there were these two naked priests in the sauna..."

No, really.
After my work out, I was sitting in the sauna with two naked priests.

I know there’s a joke here somewhere, but I can’t think of it.

Can somebody help? :smiley:

That depends. Are you an Altar Boy?

No, I’m not an altar boy, and never have been.

This might help:
One of the priests kept leaving and coming back, kind of like he “couldn’t take the heat.”

…and in walked a mullah…
(I know that didn’t happen, but I can’t think of a punchline, so I thought I’d extend the story).

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of your collar.

One looks at the other and says, “So, when did you convert from Judaism?”

That’s not funny…oh wait a minute…:smack: I get it!

That IS funny!!:smiley:

If they were naked, how did you know they were priests?

Somehow that has to be part of the joke.

Actually, I could tell when they dressed…black slacks, shirt, white collar.
I could pretty well tell by their conversation in the sauna. The need to bring the sacraments to the heathens of northern Minnesota.

So there were these two naked priests in the sauna…

the first turns to the other and says:

“you know, its wonderful being a priest. Sometimes when i think about all the things we do for the community, and for god and jesus and stuff i feel all warm inside and get really excited! Do you feel like that too?!”

“No” says the second priest looking down “but i’m glad that you do - else i’d have nowhere to hang my towel.”

They had little white collars around their willies.

Lets hope it wasn’t Kiddies Hour…


Doesn’t mean they were priest by the way they dressed-some ministers wear the roman collars.

Yes, but this ruins the joke. “So, there were these two naked ministers in the sauna…”

Just doesn’t lend the same mental image;)

Can’t think of a joke, but I can add that my brother once got drunk with a nun and watched football. :slight_smile:

“Where’s the soap?”

“Yes it does, doesn’t it?”

were they bashing the bishop?

I can go you one better- my pastor belongs to the gym at the local Jewish center.

Ready for a “A priest and a rabbit walked into the locker room” story?

… if I had a nickel for every priest and rabbit joke I have heard since breakfast …


Two naked priests walk into a sauna. The rabbi, already in there, says, “What is this, some kind of a joke?”