So, we're not talking about the FLOTUS' confrontation with a protester yesterday?

The gist of it is: MO was at a fundraising, delivering comments, when a heckler shouted during her speech. MO paused, then said, “One of the things I do not do well is this.” At which point according to eyewitnesses, she left the podium and marched right up to the heckler and said to her, “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

There was applause and cheering for the FLOTUS. The heckler left, and MO continued with her remarks (about helping the kids, we can’t wait 'til 2016, etc.).

I suspect MO has ensured that the heckling community will bypass her events from here on out. I was late on the Obama wagon, and never really had much to say one way or the other about Michelle, but man, I love that lady now. I’m not a big fan of heckling, but I think some should be expected of elected officials. FLOTUS is not an elected official, and while she has some influence (clearly) on White House policy, I am not sure what heckling her speech does for any cause. And I would say the same thing if someone heckled Laura Bush.

Some hay is being made because the heckler is an activist asking the POTUS to sign an anti-discrimination executive order. I don’t think this is relevant (and this is an issue I support, btw). To quote Stephen Fry, “There are appropriate venues and there are appropriate venue.” I am proud of Michelle for letting this woman that she has no tolerance for rudeness - hell, was she a teacher in a former life?

Heard about this. Didn’t see it. Gonna go try to find it now. As far as I’m concerned, I voted for Michelle. Barry was just the package deal.