So what are Waffles? (A Brit writes)

I had always assumed the American waffle was just a pancake by another name until I saw the pancake thread on this board. So what are waffles exactly? Could I have a recipe?

Also, I’ve heard you have them with maple syrup (delicious, but v. expensive here) - any advice on the best kind? And does maple sugar still exist? (I read about this as a child in Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder!) Thanks…

Waffles are similar to pancakes, but they’re thicker and crisp instead of thin and floppy. You can make waffles with pancake mix, but I’ve never made them so I can’t tell you the specifics.

Waffles are usually about 15mm to 20mm thick, and they are often square. There are waffle makers that make round waffles and novelty shapes as well. Waffles have square indentations in them on each side – little holes that don’t go all the way through, but have a layer of batter in the middle of them. These holes are approximately 1cm square and are arranged in a grid that covers the waffle. Melted butter, syrup, and other toppings naturally find their way into the holes.

[hijack] We have waffles in the UK. They are made of potato[/hijack]

Here’s a [ulr=]pic.

We like to put strawberry syrup on ours, or make them with blueberries.



I’m surprised you haven’t had waffles mrsface, but here’s a recipe to try.

You’ll need a waffle iron (a bit like a toasted sandwich maker). Depending where you are in the UK I’m sure you’ll be able to track one down in the homewares section of a department store.

You can also buy frozen ones but they aren’t as good as fresh made of course. The best ones I’ve tasted were in Brussels, with chocolate sauce and caster sugar on. Very filling.

This gives me an idea. an all-link thread

probably a silly stupid mental idea, which is why I haven’t started a thread about it

Waffle-y versatile according to the ads, but they’re not waffles at all apart from the shape. Try the real thing, it’s worth it.

here is a recipie by way of an apology for having a stupid idea


I have tried the real thing (albeit bought from a supermarket) I liked them. I also like the potato ones.

Forget I said anything everton. It was a stupid idea.

Another version of the American waffle is evasive or vague speech or writing. For example, George H.W. Bush accused then-Governor Clinton of “waffling” on the issues

Since everyone else is doing it… pic

The best waffles are Belgian waffles. they’re at least an inch thick and ooh so yummy. I’ve never heard of making waffles with pancake batter… that seems like it would be … weird. When I make them (Belgian) I know that the recipe calls for stiffly beaten eggwhites, and you have to carefully fold it all together so it doesn’t go flat.

My favorite way to have them is with homemade caramel syrup and whipped cream. (to make the syrup, you carmelize sugar and add butter and powdered sugar while beating with an electric mixer… mmmm…)

Another common way to have Belgian waffles (or any waffles, but mostly Belgian) is with strawberries and whipped cream.

We have a Belgian waffle iron around here somewhere… they look like this:
As for maple sugar, maple sugar candy is one of the most divine things on earth: Order some and see for yourself. Mmmm… melts on the tongue…[insert Homer sounds here]

For waffles with pancake batter - just add a very small amount of oil (some sort of vegetable), so that it will get crispy. At least that’s how we made 'em back when I cooked breakfast at the mental ward where I work.

Belgian waffles are differnt fom regular waffles.

You eat Belgian waffles with whipped cream and fruit. They have almost a cake-like consistency that’s wildly different from regular waffles.

Google some waffle recipes, get yourself a real waffle iron and some real maple syrup, and enjoy one of the greatest foods ever invented.

Mmmm… golden brown delicious waffles. Pure heaven.

The little cavities in the waffle hold the syrup and butter (you need a little dab of butter) so they don’t slosh off when you eat 'em.

Think of waffles as a sort of three-dimensional crepe/english pancake, only crispier, and you have the idea.

Dang. I want some waffles.

I eat Belgian waffles with maple syrup, fruit, or caramel. I know lots of people who eat them with butter and syrup, just like pancakes or regular waffles. It isn’t just fruit and whipped cream. And they’re not that different from regular waffles.

Jesus, I’m starving… thanks very much for this and for the multiple links and recipes.
Lobsang, I did try the frozen potato waffles in Uk supermarkets but was not impressed and sort of assumed that they bore little relation to the real thing.

And yes, we also have political waffling here, often served with syrup but taken with a pinch of salt…

Thanks again.

Sez you.


They are too way different. 'Cause I said so.