Waffle Poll

In honor of the end of Parks & Recreation

I’ve never been a fan of the super-duper loaded waffle (whipped cream, fruit, fruit syrups, chocolate, cinnamon, etc) but I see commercials for them all the time so they must be popular.

How do you like your waffles? It’s not a very precise poll so don’t pick it apart, just vote for one already!

Back when I was a wee lad my grandad used to take me to a waffle house and we’d have breakfast together. Back then the choices were butter and syrup, period. I don’t want all the stuff that came later, fancy as it sounds. I want waffles to be just like they were with grandad and I were pals, with just butter and syrup, pretty much perfect.

As long as the waffle itself is structurally sound, I like piling fruit and whatnot on top. The only thing I like baked into the waffle with the batter is bacon. I don’t mix those two styles, though.

I’m of the ‘pile it on’ opinion. All the fruit, and syrup you can manage to load a-top the waffle is how I roll. But NO chocolate chips or sprinkles or that other candy type garbage. I want waffles with fruit and lots of it. A little whipped cream is okay but I’d be happier with whipped cream cheese. Bring it on.

Pecans baked in. Syrup and butter on top.

I’ll one-up you on plain… there is little better than a fresh, piping-hot waffle with nothing but butter on it.

After I eat the very first one with butter only, I’ll have another couple with syrup after I finish making waffles for everyone else who is eating.

I’m not a big fan of piling things on there, though fresh berries can be nice. Still, if I’m eating waffles, I want to eat waffles.

I hate cooking things into the waffles. Even things like bacon and pecans that taste good… they just ruin the texture and waffles are all about texture.

Stuff (preferably ice cream) piled on is fine if the waffle is a dessert… but when I’m eating waffles, it’s usually as a meal, and that means just butter and syrup.

I never liked the taste/texture of waffles for some reason. Pancakes, yes, but not waffles.

Belgian or thin?

Thin is almost always better, Belgian waffles are too thick.

‘Plain’ batter, with butter and maple syrup. Nothing else is necessary or desired.

I have ridiculously specific waffle opinions, and if a waffle varies from the ideal, I might like it, but I’ll be a whiny baby inside about it.

It should be a buttermilk waffle, first off. It should be the American traditional waffle with the small grid, not a stupid Belgian waffle. It should be served with butte and maple syrup only, but a lot of maple syrup. And there should be good spicy patty sausage served on the side. Coffee to drink.

I flippin’ love that meal and see no reason to ruin it by making any change to it.

I like my waffles plain, lightly buttered and with syrup. The only place where I think outside the box is that I prefer blueberry or raspberry syrup to maple.

Plain. No butter. No syrup. Perhaps a little honey or perhaps a little jam.

I was an adult before I realized that there were people who put whipped cream, fruit etc. on waffles. Real butter and real maple syrup for me. Fin.

Blueberry waffles for me please. With loads of butter, and real maple syrup from Rathbun’s Sugar House

Waffles with syrup and breakfast sausage on the side. Plus hot, decaf, coffee-flavored coffee. No butter, margarine, fruit, whipped cream, Cool Whip, pudding(?), nuts, sprinkles, or ice cream. I’ll serve 'em any way the family asks for 'em, but mine are plain with syrup.

Dracoi is right. I like to use as much melted butter as other people do syrup.

I learned from my husband, that peanut butter slathered on the waffles, then syrup poured over, is delicious! It’s best when you stack at least two, made just like that. Yum!

I’m not a huge waffle fan, but if I’m going to eat them, butter only, please. I hate syrup, and never mind the rest of that stuff. Just waffle and butter.

I usually prefer my waffles plain, with real maple syrup and real butter. But blueberries are good occasionally, as well as a little peanut butter.