Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast?

Which are you choosing? Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast?

Me? I’m choosing pancakes. I like waffles, and french toast, and I’ve never felt disappointed ordering those.

But pancakes have an emotional resonance for me that waffles and french toast do not. Happy vacations, IHOP with my parents. Even sad events. I found out Bob Crane was dead while eating pancakes.

Plus I feel pancakes give you more bang for the buck. I’m not sure why. Maybe they’re more filling?

How about you?

French toast is the greatest of those three, but pancakes are the easiest. At home, pancakes generally win due to the ease factor.

Waffles. I like the texture.

Not even a contest. French toast every time.

Waffles. But I do agree restaurants are stingier with their portions and pricier when it comes to waffles compared to pancakes which basically have the same ingredients. I guess making waffles is more costly in time, labor, and specialized equipment.

On second thought, I guess if you use frozen waffles, they would be easiest. But those things just aren’t very satisfying.

Flapjacks ftw.

French toast, easily. My wife does really good french toast.

Although one of my favorites is not on the list. Crepes: quick, easy, and delicious.

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  • French toast

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French toast, no question.

Years (decades, actually) ago, I was staying at a hotel in San Francisco. The restaurant in the hotel was “Fournou’s Ovens.” I went down for breakfast, and had their scratch-made Current bread French toast. It was delicious beyond description! I could hardly wait until the next morning so that I could go have it again - an amazing experience.

Definitely waffles. With the others you don’t get those little squares of butter and syrup.

French toast. Never liked pancakes; the texture puts me off. Waffles are fine, but they’re not French toast.

Similar to that, I grew up on those frozen toaster waffles, which really aren’t very good. But a couple of years after college, a friend invited me to the Sunday brunch buffet at a country club and there was a chef making fresh Belgian waffles. I still remember how good that one was. I’ve never liked French toast and liked pancakes, but without a lot of syrup, they can be kind of dry.

Now of course, I don’t eat any of this.

I like all three, but give a slight edge to pancakes. Plus, they’re easier.

Mmmmmm French Toast made with chocolate chip brioche.

French Toast

I find that pancakes can end up in any of a number of different textures and qualities, and I can’t seem to get my preferred results at home.

And waffles? 'Dunno, just never got into them. And now I associate them with those dried out toaster varieties, and with those cheap hotel breakfast buffet stations where grubby kids with their messy hair and pajama bottoms on are making their own.

Nothing’s easier than French toast. At its most basic, 2 ingredients. 3 if you add liquid.

If I make french toast I need to crack eggs, and possibly add milk, and dunk bread. To make pancakes I mix powder and water.

Pancake mix is just add water now? No egg or anything? It’s been a long time since I’ve used a mix.