French Toast, Pancakes, or Waffles?

This is a poll for those who have a definite preference.

Assume each is homemade and prepared to perfection. Maple syrup and butter are the only toppings allowed.

What’ll it be?

French toast has more umph, I think.

Waffles, but could I have some sort of berry syrup instead?

French toast with butter. Good pancakes are a close second. Not a waffle fan.

Sweet bread French Toast first.

French Toast second.

Waffles third.

Pancakes if there is nothing else in the house.

Pancakes, but turkey sausage patties is a must.

Waffles, then pancakes, then French toast.

Normally I have real maple syrup, but I also loves me some boysenberry on occasion.

Of course, any kind of Belgian waffle topped with fruit and whipped cream is good. :o

Make mine Jimmy Dean’s pure pork sausage, patties or links. :o

Waffles. Can I have chicken too?

I’m pretending to eat healthier. But pork sausage is very do-able.
And only maple syrup, because HFCS gives me stomach cramps.

Le toast Francais, all the way, but honestly I like 'em all.

I don’t particularly like carby and sweet breakfasts, but of the three, waffles. I have kids, so I make pancakes almost every week, but I don’t eat any. I just don’t like them. Crepes can be okay. Waffles are nice, with the textural contrast, at least.

When I first started coming to Canada, I went shopping with my daughter, who was 12 at the time. She asked me why I was buying real maple syrup when it was so much more expensive than the ersatz stuff.

“Read the labels,” I told her. “Once you know what’s in the other stuff, you’ll never eat it again.”

I went to language school in Vermont, which (I’m pretty sure) turns out more maple syrup than any other US state. I laughed out loud when I read IHOP’s blurb that they “send all the way to Vermont for the maple flavor” in their syrup.

^ That’s funny! How is that done? NM.

None. Don’t like Sweet Breakfast. Cheddar omelette with hash browns, sausage, and buttered rye toast, please. And a large V-8 with lemon.

How is it possible pancakes are losing? They are clearly the superior food item.

French toast would be second( but should never be dry, dry french toast is the worst ). Waffles are okay I guess - I usually get them with fried chicken if I get them at all.

Waffles you heathens. The thin crispy kind. Belgium waffles can bow before the cheese eating surrender monkeys as being an abomination to any of the choices. Like there is a debate here somewhere?

If I must, waffles. I’d prefer a savory breakfast, though…aged cheddar omelette, corned beef hash and hash browns.

The main thing is that they are served butter-melting hot!

I went with waffles, cuz they are heated from two sides before serving.

And they were rare (not frequently served) when growing up. My mama would whisk the egg whites, and fold them into the batter. She said it makes them more crispy.

Anyone ever heard of that?

Make mine pancakes.