So what are you seeing so far locally of the candidates?

In your area are you seeing alot of Hillary, Sanders, or Trump bumper stickers or other campaign items?

I’d say I see more Sanders than anything.

I pass by a “Hillary for Prison” sign on the way to work every day. Other than that, I’m really not seeing much of anything around here.

I saw more Ron Paul stickers in 2008 than I did for all the others combined.

Don’t even look: it’s a waste of your eyeballs.

We’re just awaiting the anti-Trump riots here in July.

I’m in west Michigan. Conservative area. I’ve seen tons of Bernie stickers, one Hillary sticker, and one Trump sticker. During the primary, there were lots of Kasich yard signs.

We had to explain to our kids that all the leftie yard signs do not mean that that’s how The Rest Of The World thinks.

So hi from the middle of an ocean of Bernie signs… that may not mean much.

Last fall in a parade their was a Bernie Sanders for President float.

Louisville, KY area here. I see the occasional Bernie sticker, and even rarer Hillary. I have yet to see a Trump bumper sticker here, but the majority of people that I know and interact with seem to be in his camp. Of course, Kentucky is usually a Republican state, so I’m not surprised by this.

Our Dem primary in PR is 5 June. Hillary was around early in the season (got a pic with her). In the last three weeks we’ve had Bill and Bernie. Bill made a series of quick stops, had a local beer (label facing the camera). Bernie filled the UPR Theatre. Mostly it has been a social media campaign of local proxies.

I’m in Illinois 5th congressional district which went for Obama 66% in 2012 and 70% for Obama in 2008. I’ve mainly seen Bernie stickers, and 2 of them were on the stereotypical Prius. I’ve seen some Bernie buttons on the backpacks of some college age people on the train.

Up here in Fargo, I’ve seen a couple of Bernie bumper sticks and one Hillary yard sign. The only Republican presidential campaign paraphernalia I saw was a solitary Ben Carson bumper sticker, probably because there is no Republican presidential primary in North Dakota. Plenty of attention to the Republican gubernatorial primary, though.

Nothing so far, which is a blessing, because this fall will be a nightmare. Hell is living in a toss-up state in a close election year.

We have one of the very few contested Democratically held Senate seats in the country. The DNC seems to be flooding the incumbent with money as he has a lot of really well produced and expensive ads running.

Thank you California, for keeping both of 'em away from us in the homestretch.

I live in a Bernie Sanders stronghold.

Rural North Carolina, so of course a couple of Trump bumpers so far (sigh).

There’s an abandoned school I drive by occasionally that has been covered from roof to ground in Nazi symbols, racist epithets and “TRUMP”.

Not a thing, but why should this Presidential election be any different from the last few?

What surprises me is, nobody is advertising for Boxer’s Senate seat either. It could be that the Democrats feel that Harris and Sanchez will be the top two, and there are reports that a considerable number of Republicans will vote for Sanchez as the “most likely to beat Harris among those we can tolerate” candidate.

Lots of mailers for the state assembly race - almost all for the same candidate. I think he’s also the only one that has run a local TV ad.

It’s early yet. Give it a couple of months and you’ll get an avalanche, I’m sure.