So what are you Tivoing (or watching) this fall?

I think I might actually be looking forward to the Fall Season! That’s a first in a long time.

What shows are on your list?

A good site for network programming can be found here.

My TiVo Schedule:

Arrested Development- (Looking forward to this show more than any others. I love that it is on Monday.)
How I Met Your Mother- (My first CBS sitcom in a long time. It was created by my neighbor’s step brother and getting good reviews.)

My Name Is Earl- (My most anticipated NEW show of the season. I figure I’ll love it, it will air three times and get cancelled.)
The Amazing Race- I am underwhelmed by the Family Feud concept, but I will tune in for another season.
The Office- On the “Maybe” list. I will need to get the first season DVD first.

That 70’s Show- Good help me, I have seen every one of them and I will watch the rest of this mini-season (which is losing two out of three of the best of the cast members). I hate being a completist.
Lost- I thought I would be dying of suspense by now, but the finale kind of fell flat. Still looking forward to the show.
Invasion- A real “maybe.” I’ll have to see some more reviews.
Apprentice: Martha Stewart- At least the first episode. I want to see the spectacle.
South Park- When does this season start?

Survivor- I look forward to the show AND the Dope threads.
Joey- My wife and I enjoyed the show; especially the second half when they started focusing on showbiz.
The Apprentice- Maybe not. It really stunk last year.


Desperate Housewives- I don’t watch it, but it is on the list for my wife.
King of the Hill- The most underrated show on television. Still going strong!
The Simpsons- Still a completist. Though I do like that it is premiering in September for the first time in a LONG while.
Family Guy- Still happy it returned.
American Dad- Getting better, but I could take it or leave it.

Scrubs- My favorite show doesn’t return until January.

It is my firm opinion that if you’re not watching Battlestar Galactica, you are wasting your life. Friday, 10pm Eastern Time, SciFi

Arrested Development - the funniest show on TV gets another reprieve.
Kitchen Confidential - based on Anthony Bourdain’s nonfiction book about his experiences as a professional chef and the dark underbelly of the restaurant industry, this new single-camera sitcom promises to have plenty of dark humor, plus Nic Brendon from Buffy is in it.
How I Met Your Mother - I doubt it’ll hook me, but it has Alyson Hannigan from Buffy, who I adore, so I’ll give it a chance.

My Name Is Earl - I’ll give it a chance because Jason Lee is usually hilarious and fun to watch.
The Office - not as good as the British version, but still quite funny and worth watching. I do recommend the DVDs of both series.
Boston Legal - because James Spader and William Shatner make an awesome team.

Wednesday - Saturday:
Most likely nothing… when does TNA Wrestling start on television?

Family Guy.
(I have given up on The Simpsons in recent years, but occasionally watch it if I’m bored and feeling masochistic.)


What if I usually don’t like science fiction shows?

Yep. The only thing we’re TiVoing on Fridays? Battlestar Galactica, Stargates (SG-1 & Atlantis) and Firefly for as long as they show it.

Otherwise it’s the new non-soap dramas (until we realize they suck), Veronica Mars, House, Lost, CSI, and L&O:SVU.

HBO’s new series Rome, and Deadwood, Entourage and The Comeback, of course

Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica – I’ve heard these were good and I’ve liked the one or two episodes I’ve seen, but I’ll wait until they’re out on DVD so I can watch from the start (thanks, NetFlix) :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’ll continue with Desperate Housewives or Lost – I ended up disenchanted with both of these

Looking forward to The Apprentice and Martha Stewart.

Depending on Dopers to talk about good new shows, or bad ones.

Monday: Nada
Tuesday: Amazing Race, unless this “Family Feud” edition sucks as much as I think it will.
Wednesday: Lost & Judging Amy, if it’s still on.
Thursday: Survivor (grudgingly as always), CSI & Without a Trace.
Friday: SG-1, Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica, baby! Maybe Andromeda, if it’s even still on. Did they cancel it?
Saturday: Nada
Sunday: 4400, Desperately Doomed Househusbands, or whatever that show’s called. :wink:

NCIS, Scrubs, & Reno 911, whenever they’re on. I’m never quite sure.

Sunday: Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad

Monday: 24, Prison Break (I’m intrigued by the promos, so I’ll give it a shot)

Wednesday: South Park

Saturday: Justice League Unlimited

Sundays: West Wing, Desperate Housewives, and Crossing Jordan

Mondays: I’ll probably check out How I Met Your Mother and Prison Break

Tuesdays: NCIS; I’ll check out Bones

Wednesdays: Lost; I’m curious about Criminal Minds, Head Cases, and E-Ring (but I only have 3 TVs/VCRs in my house, and all four shows are on at the same time!)

Thursdays: Alias and The O.C.; I might check out Reunion

Fridays: Stargate and Atlantis; I’m curious about Killer Instinct

Saturdays: COPS

Man, that’s a lot to watch . . . I hope that I don’t like some of the new shows! :wink:

It really is a surprise – somebody apparently told TV to get good again.

Arrested Development
Prison Break
Either Kitchen Confidential or How I Met Your Mother. KC sounds better on paper, but the promos have blown. Mother sounds completely conventional, but I chuckled at the commercial. (Too bad CBS and FOX are willing to fight over the ‘Buffy fans who will follow the supporting cast demo.’)

House, M.D.
Earl and The Office will be backups when House is in reruns.

Also, Madchen Amick will get me to sample at least a few episodes of Freddie. Veronica Mars I may tape, but I think I’ll more likely just wait for DVD.




Desparate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy


Oh, yeah, and BSG of course.

–Cliffy, again

Doesn’t matter. BSG rocks on toast. And, like the best science fiction but recently not much of it, it’s not really about the space battles, it’s about the human condition. (The space battles are cool, though.)

Oh, also, I’ll be watching Rome and, when they come back, The Wire and The Comeback.

–Cliffy, yet again