So what did y'all think about Wrestlemania?

We went to a friend’s house, and had fajitas and stuff. Lots of teenagers there as well as adults. We had a great time!

Trivia - largest crowd ever in the Dome - 68,945.

Highlights of the match for me: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

  • Chyna beat the snot out of Ivory. Woo-hoo! In no time flat.

  • 'Taker took out Triple H. That was exciting, with lots of two-count pinfalls.

  • The Gimmick Battle Royal was hilarious! Most of these guys were so old I’d never even heard of them, but my husband got me up to speed. I loved Bobby Heenan and that other guy as announcers (I forgot his name.)

  • Vince and Shane. That was great! Mick Foley didn’t know who to watch! It was all expected, but when Linda got up from her wheelchair…the look on Vince’s face! And WHAM! to the 'nads. Very much deserved. And I loved Trish kicking Stephanie’s butt! Chasing her, God I was laughing.

  • I know Hardygirl must be disappointed in the TLC II match. Man, those guys are nuts. I can’t believe Edge and Christian won.

  • The finale. Boo!!! Hiss!!! I wanted The Rock to win. But damn, what a match. The Rock can definitely take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. If Vince hadn’t cheated! And now Stone Cold is Vince’s henchman? How’s that gonna work? Triple H will get shipped off to WCW, probably.

Any thoughts?

Boring! the whole RTC angle is so bad. I hope they get rid of all those people. Lita and Molly (and Jackie on a good day) are the only women in the WWF who can make a match tolerable.

Not bad. I thought that HHH was winning for sure with the sledgehammer spot at the end.

Gene Okurlund. That was pretty funny. Jesus Christ, the Iron Sheik looked older than dirt. And about as fast.

Shane is the MAN. Between his turnbuckle to Spanish-announcer table spot and his Van Terminator (that thing at the end…jumped from one side of the ring all the way to the other) – he never ceases to perform on PPVs. Also, as predictable as that story was with Linda and Trish, I guess that was the only way to do it. I only fear that this means we’re going to have to put up with more of her monotone boring speeches on TV over the next couple weeks. I dont care how they do it, just keep her off the mic! And since I’m bithing, Stephanie too!

Yeah, very good stuff. Those guys are nuts. A few of those spots were just insane. I’m OK with E&C winning, they’re my favorite out of the group.

I hate the fact that they tried to turn SCSA into a bad guy in Texas. What where they thinking? That guy is going to get cheered there no matter what. Although, it was about time for a change in plans with some of the top notch guys. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for SCSA to get people to boo him. My predictions: He’s gonna kick JRs ass tonight on RAW. Also, he’ll eventually cheat on Debra.

No way. I think that the only people who are going to WCW will be the people who are under utilized in WWF right now. Billy Gunn, D-Lo, maybe the Hollys.

I want to see how they pull of making people boo Austin. If you put him with Vince, and have him change his F-you attitude towards the fans, eventually they will boo him.
Beating the Rock to a bloody mess is a good start, but it still got cheers. If anyone can make people boo Austin, its Vince.
You want to know why WMX-7 was in the Astrodome and WCW is out of business? Cause a 55 year old billionaire and his son were able to put on a better match than most of the main eventers. God bless Shane-O-Mac, for a guy that wrestles a couple of times a year, he is great.

::pouting about the TLC watch results::

Will not actually see WM until tomorrow when my friend brings in the tape but have read the spoilers…

Shane hit the Van Daminator? Hint of a future WWF siging?

Chyna as Women’s Champion? So are the setting up a giant killer storyline w/ Lita or Molly Holly?


I know that they have to write out the Rock for 4-6 months for his movie but don’t turn Austin heel!

And the WCW stars there…I heard there have been contracts signed…