So, what did you do with your bad old self this week?

Me…not much. Took the week off from work, enjoyed the wonderful fall weather here in Cola. SC and finished several books.


Been slogging through my mind-numbing job as usual, but next week I’m on vacation. Nine days of unadulterated fun, fun, fun. Well, maybe sleeping late. Gotta’ clean up the garden. Bake all the holiday fruitcakes Thinking about renting a car for a few days, and just driving the backroads, are there any left? Don’t care what the weather is.

I spent the first part of the week at a conference. I returned to my office today to slog through the work that piled up while I was gone. Fun, eh?

I went hunting yesterday (didn’t see anything, I’m a terrible hunter). But I got to sit outside in the woods and practice holding still. I can sit for up to 20 minutes just breathing and moving my eyes now.

It’s cool watching the shadows change. I don’t see many mammals, but I see lots of neat bugs – praying mantises, big fuzzy caterpilars, spiders and various kinds of grasshoppers.

Went to school, came home, worked on some of the things I’m writing, worked on my drawing.

I brought my son home from the hospital Sunday and have spent the week getting to know him and trying to not make my 2 year old too jealous!

Got a 74 on one midterm, and then 100 on another! And it’s the same professor, so I’m glad I made a good impression with that second grade. Go me. Yes, go me.

class and work. The story of my life :wink:

Finally got the Home Depot to shut the hell up for a change (see Pit thread if you want; too lazy to link to it); battled a sore throat and post nasal drip; found out that prescription decongestant is full of stimulants and so lost more sleep; feeling better now.


Been putting away all the Chaptered Bills that Gray Davis is signing before he’s actually booted out the door. I work at the Legislative Bill Room Annex in Sacramento and we’ve got about 400 bills in the last two days and only two of us there right now to put them away. They are laying off tooooooonnnnss of people. I am out the door in December.