So. What moisturiser do YOU use?

Umm. So, anyone here want to have silky smooth skin and smell of spooge all the time?

Oh, and here’s a (Safe) picture of Lyn May…

Wow, I really hope that picture isn’t real. It looks like someone took a corpse head with a bad makeup job and photoshoped it on the body.

If it is real…I sure as hell don’t want to look like her! Ewwww.

Geez Suave [sup]TM[/sup] moisturizer has always worked well for me.

Hmmm… well, ya know, ok, TMI ahead. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’ve had cum facials but never thought they made me look any younger. I told you it was TMI!


Neat’s-foot oil :smiley:
don’t look up what it is :eek:

I believe it tightens the skin like Second Debut :rolleyes: