So What's for Dinner Tonight? (2020 Anything Goes Edition)

A curry repeat last night, thinking about salmon in habernero jelly sauce over rice for tonight

Tacos (ground beef, lettuce, rice, shredded Cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, hot sauce) and ice water, with maple fudge and a glass of milk for dessert. South of the border and north of the border!

Pulled pork sandwiches (pork loin sous vide @165F for 24 hours, then torch seared and shredded) with fries and slaw.

Pepper Mill is making pancakes and (turkey) bacon tonight – breakfast for dinner.

Oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies.

Dinner and drinks at a local brewery. Outside seating and a relatively mild night (39 degrees F), plus they have fire pits. I actually had to unzip my hoodie.

We shared a Buffalo chicken quesadilla, a turkey pesto sandwich, and a pretzel with beer cheese.
Washed it all down with a hazy IPA.

Asian beef & broccoli. Not sure what side dishes yet.

Beef stew, and a couple of crusty rolls. While that’s all heating up, I’m snacking on some Gouda, just because.

Sounds good PSH! Instant Pot pulled pork loin with double smoked cheddar and spinach salad. Thinking a fine Moldovan Merlot (Cricova- Way better than the price tag suggests) to wash it down. Citrus chocolate batons for dessert.

I picked up some Chinese sausage yesterday. I will probably fry up a link or two latter this evening.

A veggie ( carrot, celery, garlic, onion) & chicken with quinoa casserole bake tonight it calls to add frozen peas near the end but I have Lima beans and I’ll add some fresh grated Parmesan.

I made tortillas with sourdough, coconut milk and coconut oil last night, following this recipe:

Yeah, they’re not the prettiest tortillas. But I got a lot better at moving around that thin dough as I kept making them, and the last few are actually round!

My wife’s making braised pork and chilies using Samin Nosrat’s recipe, and we’re going to fill the tortillas with it. :hot_pepper: :taco:

Missed the edit window, but I forgot to mention: that tortilla recipe is geared toward making Chipotle burrito sized tortillas. Instead of dividing it up into 6 tortillas I divided it up into around 21 taco sized tortillas.

Mediterranean meatballs, green beans, green tomato bread and teensy bit of leftover potato salad tonight. Tomorrow will be this chicken, but I’ll use parts instead of a whole chicken:

OMG that looks good!

Dinner at Casa Shoe tonight is Kraft Mac’n’Cheese - lovingly known as “Kraft Dinner” by some of y’all.

I may also fry up a pork chop, if I get super-ambitious. (And super hungry.) Although that may just wind up being tomorrow’s breakfast, since I’ll have extra time before work.

Oooooh! I am intrigued. Do you mind sharing how it’s made?
Do you pre-cook the quinoa?

Leftover Beef ‘n’ Broccoli.

Homemade Pepperoni Pan Pizza

Saturday night we got take-out Jamaican/Caribbean from Two Sisters, Two Sons in Sharpsburg. I ordered their Fried Fish Escovitch, which was incredible; spicy and vinegary in perfect proportions.

My gf ordered Jerk Tofu, but it was too hot for her. She usually really likes spicy food, but the jerk was too much, so we swapped. It was fantastic!!

Dessert was fried plantains.

Last night we had Sauerkraut Soup (Kapustnyak). It was deliciously ethnic.