So what's up with Mulder?

Do you think he’s really dead? Or just badly injured? Or what?

Just wondered what anyone else thought, since we won’t see a new X-Files show until April, and even then it might take 5 to 10 shows to get the answer… they are playing for those Duchovny fans as long as they can.

I guess he would have to be dead, since he basically quit the show. Whaddaya think?

Oh, and is Scully still pregnant? She doesn’t look it.

Yes, Scully is pregnant (she had morning sickness in the season 7 finale), and yes, Mulder is dead. This is a three parter from what I’ve heard, part 2 should be on April 1st.

However, at least we’ll get 6 new episodes of The Lone Gunmen (I guess so far any Lone Gunmen episode would be considered new) throughout the month of March (starting March 4th).

I haven’t seen this episode yet, but… is Mulder really dead? Because this is the X-Files remember, where shape changers and undead roam the earth.

For one thing, does anyone really die on the X-Files? And if Mulder is dead, that would be kinda sacreligious. I heard, though, that he (Duchovny)wants to do more X-Files movies. That may just be a rumor, but Mulder is not dead. This could just be me in DenialLand, however, since I seem to be spending more and more time there…

I caught about the last ten minutes of the ep sunday night and it looked pretty interesting. Also looked like a pretty dead mulder, but as its been said around here before, it IS the Xfiles and nobody ever really dies.
I have to say I stopped watching regularly at the end of about the 6th season, when I really felt that it became obvious that the cohesive master plan i had hoped existed beneath all of the double speak seemed non exixtent. It started to feel like they were making it up as the went along, as opposed to the sense you got during the prime years (3rd thru 5th seasons) that there was something specific going on that was going to ultimately be brought to light. I was so naieve. Its really just like those old radio serials, and the plot twists are just downright silly anymore.
I’ll take West Wing these days…
Chris J

He’s not dead. He’s just pining for the fjords.

Sorry, sorry. I’ll go away now.

Bloke, Mulder wouldn’t pine if you put 10 million volts through him!

The only reason he stayed on the show as long as he did is that he had been nailed there.

Mulder doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything since he semi-quit the X-files over a pay dispute, but if they actually kill him off, especially without resolving his lost sister thing, then the show will just crash.

I liked Mulder much, much more than his current replacement and he and Scully worked so great together!

I still recall the April Fools show where the two switched roles. Scully was deadpan and Mulderish while Mulder was scientific and flighty.

The two of them were a great team! Alone, neither cut it very well.

I doubt if the LoneGunmen will make it just because they are not funny enough for a weekly show and without Mulder and Scully to bounce off of.

IIRC, the Smamntha Mulder thing was resolved last year with that two part episode about the serial child killer. According to that ep, she was taken by CSM, raised as Jeffery Spender’s sister and experimented on until she escaped, whereupon she was “taken” (by that benevolent spirit of the universe who saves children from horrible deaths) just before the smoking man caught up with her in a hospital room. So basically she is dead, and has been since four or five years after she dissapeared.

 I know that my hurried description of this seems odd and corny, but it was truly one of the most beautiful eps of Xfiles I've ever seen. I haven't watched much since then, but has something occured in the interum that implies that this isn't the actual chain of events? Seemed as conclusive as the Xfiles gets IMO.