So.....Whats up?

Nothin much you?

Chicken Butt!

Sorry…had to say it.

I never learn. I always ask that question and everyone either says the ceiling or some other smart ass answer. Oh well.

::gives tater some choclate for being the first to respond to my thread::

All the way to Pizza Hut! :smiley:

I needed that! You really want to know what’s up? Okay, I got 2 hours of sleep last night and I’m trying to find a way to get to Dublin that is both cheap and time efficient. I’m starting to think that is not possible.

Also, I’ve got a lot on my mind. For example, do I want another child or not? If so, I need to do it now, because, well, it’s too much to go into, and I’m too tired to type. But, during my window of opportunity this month, MisterTot will be in Poland and I’ll be in Ireland. Hah! Try concieving under those circumstances. Well, we still could, just not with each other. So, I guess I won’t have another kid until my current one is like 8 or 9, which really sucks because I’ll be 48 before I’m child-free. I thought the whole point of getting accidently knocked up in college was that you would be free to goof off by the time you were 40.

Plus, I really need to get dressed and go pay the phone bill, but I don’t feel up to washing my face yet. See, this is why you never ask, what’s up. People will tell you!

Umm ummm umm…

::gives more choclate to tater as an offering::

Please don’t hurt me.

Mmmmmm, chocolate. Well, since we last talked, I think I’ve solved the whole Germany to Ireland travel problem, so all that’s left is my reproductive future. If you have any suggestions, feel free to give them.

Oh, and if you’ve got any idea on how I might legally obtain $1500 by February so I can go to Madagascar, I’ll be your best friend.

I think we’ve just about exhausted the subject of what is up in tatertotland…how’s the squirrel business?

Um… its 430am and I’m still up and I’m tired. But I’m hungry. So should I stay up till 6am and get me food at mcdonalds or go to sleep? Decisions decisions.

As for the money problem…oh you said legaly… well if I knew that I would have 1500 bucks wouldnt i? :slight_smile: But if ya figure it out can I borrow some money? I’ll keep the choclate supply coming!

Women are suckers for choclate. :wink: