So whats your favorite user name on the SDMB?

Put all ill feelings towards everyone aside. What are the coolest user names out there? My list goes

  1. Coldfire
  2. oldscratch
  3. rasa
  4. fenris
  5. TubaDiva
  6. TVeblen
  7. hypergirl
  8. Eutychus55
  9. Kremit334
  10. OpalCat

So of all the posters here on the SDMB which ones have the coolest names according to you?

I’ve always liked the names CrankyAsAnOldMan and The Mighty Tiki God

Crunchy Frog is cute. So is Woostockbirdybird.

Mine isn’t cool, so I know I won’t get mentioned here.


Tequila Mockingbird
Sue Dunhym
The Mighty Tiki God Every time I read that, I think of the “Tiki tiki room” song from the attraction at Walt Disney World. singing “In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room…”

loading up gun, pointing at rastahomie, giving ultimatum to stop singing that infernal song.

Jeez, so many to choose from (but not limited to):
Sofa King

I’ll remember more late.

and fairly recently, too

Is imthecowgodmoo still around?

If not, I’m gonna have to go with Lizard.

Since this thread has already been done before (and quite recently) I humbly ask that one of the moderators close this thread and let it whither away into the nether regions of cyberspace.

Thanks screech-owl. I think your name gives the owl-image some tooth. They are nocturnal hunters, not bespectacled tootsie pop testers.

I don’t think you should close this thread; new people come to this board every day, and I don’t expect that they would all do a search for threads of this vein, but they might like to have their opinion heard.

That said,
Neuro Trash Grrrl and
Tiny Cow
are my all time favorite user names, but I don’t know if they are still here.
(Sorry if I misspelled Neuro’s name)

I’m using sentences 2 and 3 for a sig. 'Kay?

Okay screech-owl. I’m honored. Thanks for asking, it reminds me of the recent sig line I picked up without asking.

TVeblen, may I quote you in my sig? See below. If there are any reservations please email me. And belated thanks for the cyber pat-pats, I 'bout cried :)(and my mouse nearly froze from cyber dog slobber).



“broccoli!” is one of my favorites. It always makes me think of that skit on Saturday Night Live with Dana Carvey.

I really like Fretful Porpentine.

I could a tale unfold…

Well, other then DavidBW1, i’d have to nominate IAMTHECOWGODMOO

Thanks dude. I never thought of it as that great. but, cool.
Personally, I’d really like to see the user name David Bee I think it’d be funny, humourus, and clever.