Best names on the boards

The subject says it all, trying to find be best names around here. My favorite are:


So go to it teeming millions.

thenkew. thenkew very much. :smiley:

QUASIMODEM is one of my favorites…I also like BornDodgy and Spiny Norman

blessedwolf> Gee your quick too…

This thread is in direct reply to a non-Pit like thread about stupid names…

My fave is the ever-popular Sue Dunhym.

My favorite Username is Hail Aints

The Simpsons is always a good place to rip-off a funny as hell username.

er, meant to say
Hail Ants

Some that haven’t posted recently, but just crack me up:

Chrome Toaster
Bug Vomit

I’d have to give my award to Intriguing Question Mark

A 9.2

Though ToriFaery have just made an appearance in GQ.

::hangs around like a chad, humming:: Fine.

Um, I like…Gunslinger. Because of the book. And Jack Batty is one of my favorite names, on or off the boards. :slight_smile: And Crunchy Frog b/c it makes me kind of hungry (no I don’t like amphibians in that way!) when I think of his name.

I’ve said it before, but my favorite has gotta be Dijon Warlock.

I kinda like the name Broken Doll. I don’t know why, it just sounds cool to me.

I really like smackfu – it brings to mind an image of some really weird martial art with moves like “spinning dope slap” and “tae kwon foot in your ass.”

FireTiger is a cool name. I’m too lazy to look for more; I found one right here!

Thanks baby. :slight_smile:

Purd Werfect is cool, of course.
Simon Ate a Pieman (?) and G. Nome are some of my new favorites.

(nope, not gonna beg, I don’t need your pity…)

I’m a fan of the name - Spiney Norman. I love a good Monty Python reference, and my dog has a little squeaky hedgehog chew toy which has also been dubbed Spiney Norman.

Max Torque is a rugged name that brings about images of strong, handsome men. So it suits you well. I can’t help but like the name zyzzyva. It just looks cool.

Sue Duhnym is one of my all-time favorite names, in spite of the fact that I didn’t figure it out right away.

Although this person hasn’t posted in a while, I get a kick out of the name PurpleCrackwhore.

Thanks Seredipity!

I always think of a little pink dragon when I see your name.