So, when will Chris Byrd unify the titles?

Seeing that Lennox Lewis has now forfeited one of his titles rather than face him in the ring…I have to wonder. Which of the other champs will hand it over, instead of risking looking like chumps?

I mean, of course, will he ever be undisputed? Could he manage to be the undisputed champ, and yet STILL be disputed?

Is this a load of poo? Do I just think Lewis is an articulate garbage pail?

However either of the Klitschko brothers would take either of them and one of the brothers will eventually be the undisputed champ, I think Wladimir.

Byrd doesn’t hit hard enough. He’s a more skilled boxer than Lewis or the Klitschkos, but he won’t beat them. Wlad is the better, i think. But I question the Klitschkos’ stamina.