So, when's the next book coming?

Isn’t it about time?

That’s a damned good observation, Biggirl. Hell, Jenkins and LaHaye have, what, nine books in the Left Behind series out now? And a friggin’ movie!

C’mon Cecil, yer gonna have to step up the pace there, buddy. The beasts of ignorance are kickin’ in the door. It’s time to lay some righteous whoop ass on them boys.

Wow, what a thought! Straight Dope: The Movie. Cecil and his team of ignorance fighting buddies kicking ass and taking names. I’m there.

I think that the subtlety and wit of Cecil Adams would be much better served in the theatre, more specifically guerilla theatre. A group of actors bursts into a public square and starts fighting ignorance in an unrehearsed performance. A crowd gathers and instant rioting ensues. I can see it now. Tony awards here we come!

Want a new book? Cecil says y’all have to clean out the warehouse and buy all the old books first.

your humble TubaDiva

Consarnit, Tuba, we’re not gonna do his Spring Cleaning for him!

Well, okay, I’ll head to the bookstore tomorrow and pick up one or two…

I have, in my house, a copy of each one of The Straight Dope books, which I bought. I have also purchased many other copies which I have given as gifts to those I thought were either a)smart enough to enjoy of b)ignorant enough to need them.

Don’t tell anybody, but I try not to read the column here because I enjoy the books so much and I don’t want to spoil the fun of reading them.

What happened to the 2 year schedule Little Ed promised in the last book?

“We have vowed to bring books out every two years henceforth” appeared in The Straight Dope Tells All, but when Triumph of the Straight Dope came out a year later, the official word was now: “We hope at some point to settle into the biennial schedule previously contemplated, but time will tell”.

If they still plan to average every two years, then the next book would be about a year from now, i.e. a three year gap after Triumph, to average out the one year interval between Tells All and Triumph.

If someone wants to set up a pool for the publication date of the next Straight Dope opus, I predict April 30, 2002 – the 213th anniversary of George Washington’s first inauguation as U.S. president. Also, I predict the name of the book will be The Straight Dope Goes to Hawaii. And – for the tiebreaker – the cover will be dark green.

1984 - The Straight Dope (mass market edition)
1986 - The Straight Dope (trade edition)
1988 - More of the Straight Dope
1994 - Return of the Straight Dope
1998 - The Straight Dope Tells All
1999 - Triumph of the Straight Dope
2002? - The Straight Dope Goes to Hawaii?

Please someone shoot Cecil before we get The Straight Dope: Mission to Moscow.

Oh good, we need something to get us over the loss of Baywatch Hawaii. :smiley:

What, no Straight Dope: Cecil Does Dallas?

Well, if they get a new book out this year, they can call it The Straight Dope Millennium. I don’t supposed they can work that out, huh?


What about Straight Dope: Voyager?

Not if I can help it. I live in Fort Worth, and the city rivalry is something fierce.


**a Straight Dope Odyssey.[i/]

(Somebody had to say it.)


*a Straight Dope Odyssey.

(Somebody had to say it.)

I think:The Straight Dope: Thanks For Reminding Me, Biggirl has a certain ring to it.

What? You don’t like it?

Works for me.
And just to make it more applicable, they could tack on all the posts you’ve made here (in alphbetical order and crossreferenced by the the initials of the OP). :smiley: