Straightdope books

Anyone know when Cecil will release the next straightdope book? I seem to remember the preface in the last book saying he would release a new book every two years. That was in 1999. Any word?

That would be Straight Dope. I think I am a little too used to typing

I think someone asked this in ATMB not too long ago. Apparently there is such a backstock of the other books that the publishers don’t want to release anymore. So if everyone you know has not yet already received one of more SD books as gifts, now is the time!

In the Introduction to Triumph of the Straight Dope, Little Ed wrote

If you buy all the copies of The Straight Dope, More of the Straight Dope, Return of the Straight Dope, The Straight Dope Tells All, and Triumph of the Straight Dope that are mouldering in various warehouses, then maybe we can get another one.

Since this is about Cecil’s columns, in a roundabout way, I’ll move this thread to Comments on Cecil’s Columns.

In the meantime, we can speculate what Cecil’s sixth opus will be named. I’ve been promoting The Straight Dope Goes to Hawaii.

How about: The Straight Dope Offers Increasingly Shorter Answers to Increasingly Shorter Queries?