When's the next SD book coming out?

There doesn’t seem to be a forum totally appropriate for the question, “When’s the next Straight Dope book coming out?” to go. I guess GQ would be most appropriate, as it’s technically a question for Cecil to answer. But I get the feeling that meta-questions like that bug the moderators. But then I thought, “Hey, it’s a book. So this must be a Cafe Society question.” So here it is…

I just re-read one of my SD books (Return of the Trumph of the Straight Dope?) and it claimed that they were trying to get on an every-two-year schedule.   But the last book came out in 1999, which I've done my math correctly means that Cecil owes us 2 1/2 books (or one big honking tome).

 So, when's the next book?

Unfortunately, intelligent people seeking to increase their knowledge isn’t as large a target audience as it ideally should be. Sales of the last book were low and this has caused a postponement in the publication of a new book.

My suggestion is they repackage it as a romance novel. Have Cecil clenching with Lynn Bodoni on the cover and retitle it “Love’s Throbbing Dope”.

Cecil has also been known to accept brib… er, uh…emoluments. Yeah, that’s it. Emoluments.

He prefers small, unmarked emoluments.

I think they should release a book called Best of the SDMB, with all the classic message board threads, quotes, posts, etc.

I’D buy it.

Seriously - the quality of his work has degraded over the last years. His once famous razor wit is getting dull. The way he answers questions is highly formulaic, his choice of questions is not very entertaining. I doubt there are enough good columns since '99 to fill a book.
I prefer to read the staff reports nowadays.

That last book was terrible with the way that they C&P’ed all that crap from “The Old AOL Message Board” to pad the length. I think if you were an “old AOLer” it was fun to see your (screen) name in print. If not, though, it was just a waste of paper.

Cecil and Ed have said they’re not interested in doing another book until they reduce the over-stock of the prior books. So, do your part! Go to the section of the website called “Buy Things” and buy up copies of the prior books – for birthday or anniversary presents, for friends who need summer reading, for Australians who celebrate Christmas in the summer…

Now wait a minute…