So where could Rush Limbaugh go to escape universal healthcare?

According to my facebook wall Rush Limbaugh threatened to leave the US for Costa Rica if Obama is re-elected, in order to escape the scourge of universal healthcare. Unfortunately for him Costa Rica does have universal care.

So what is the most developed country that Rush could flee to that DOESN’T have universal healthcare or some form of single-payer health insurance?

The US.

And put up with the jack-booted Islamofacist death panels ?

Just trying to save the poor man some airfare money.

That list is not too thorough. A lot of latin American countries have UHC or are finishing up their programs (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc).

I think all wealthy countries (except the US of course) as well as the majority of middle income countries have it.

I have no idea which middle income country would be best. I’m sure a lot of them have good areas if you are a wealthy westerner.

Yeah my point is which ones DON’T have it? My guess for the richest would prob be China? Though they do have some form of government funded healthcare it looks to be a partial system.

China isn’t a rich country. It holds lots of US government debt, but that doesn’t mean a great deal in the scheme of things. The only OECD member states without universal healthcare are Mexico and Turkey.

Where is the part about him wanting to “escape the scourge of universal healthcare”? The ACA isn’t UHC.

True, but I doubt Limbaugh thinks universal healthcare is a better option than PPACA.

I think Turkey is prob the winner then, unless someone can come up with something better.

56th richest country in the world and it doesn’t have universal healthcare.

Is he threatening the US that he will leave, or threatening Costa Rica that he will arrive?

Thanks. Now I have to scrub my eyeballs. :slight_smile:

I think Mexico just implemented it. But I have no idea what is happening on the ground.

Limbaugh’s heaven is Haiti.

Flat, low income tax and you can find your way around that. A government so weak and dysfunctional that any regulation can be subverted with a bribe. Everybody has to fend for themselves. The poor are punished every day for their status in life while the rich can live in luxury. There are millions of people you can point to and assure yourself that you are better and smarter than them and that is why you are rich and they are poor. Hardly any gun control. Aristade armed the slums and the bullets are still flying.

They don’t waste money on roads, parks and infrastructure. Environment regulations are practically non-existent. Corporations can do just about anything they want and can call the shots.

UHC? You don’t need to worry about that because the health care is uniformly terrible.

Haiti is Limbaugh heaven.

Plus none of those wasteful, unnecessary, big government regulations like ‘homes must be built to withstand earthquakes’.

Something that was lost in the media (but if it were on the other foot politically, would never be forgotten in the US) is Chile’s earthquake. Chile had an earthquake a month after Haiti that was stronger than the one Haiti had. But because Chilean government mandates that buildings be earthquake resistant, the damage was much much less.

Nobody mentions that.

I put forward the Bahamas as the richest on the list of GDP per capita that doesn’t have UHC.

But he’ll have to move on pretty soon as apparently they are trying to get it passed. He can keep hopping to poorer and poorer countries as they implement UHC one by one, thats a fitting fate for him.

The Cayman Islands, a UK Overseas Territory, but not covered by NHS

Zero personal or corporate income tax.

Employers are required to provide a minimal level of insurance and employer must pay 50% of premium. No job, no insurance. Government does have programs for the poor, elderly, and retired mariners. Between these a lot of people are covered but a retiree too wealthy to qualify for government care is free to go without insurance.

Well, those earthquake codes were for buildings built when our enemy Allende was in power. Our man Pinochet may have disappeared hundreds of his subjects for speaking out against him, but when it came to building codes he was a Milton Friedman libertarian.

You really want the American people to hear good things about Allende? :wink:

Have a boo at the World Health Organization stats: in particular, the DALE health indicator scale, and the per capita public and private expenditures.

The USA is number 24 on the DALE health indicator scale. Every nation that is higher on the DALE scale has social health care. Wherever Rush moves to avoid social health care, it will be lower on the DALE scale. A lot lower.

If one were to want to live in one of the two dozen healthiest nations, which one would be the worst in terms of health? The USA.

If one were to want to live in one of the healthiest two dozen nations, which one would be the most costly per capita in terms of both public expenditure and private expenditure? The USA. In fact, the public health care expenditure and the private health care expenditure are both higher in the USA than any other nation in the world. Folks, I don’t know how to break it to you, but your private halth insurance companies and your uninsured individuals are gobbling up your public and private funds without much to show for it.

In other words, if Rush wants a similar level or a better level of health care, for the same or less cost, he will have to move to a nation with social health care.

If he wants to save money (both public and private expenditures) while maintaining or improving health care in the USA, the USA will have to move to social health care.

What it comes down to is that if Rush wishes to get away from social health care, he would have to move to a Central African shit hole, but even then, in those countries the problem isn’t social v. private health care, but rather health care of any sort at anything other than the most basic level, so he would have to provide his own medical facilities, equipment and specialists, or else live in the shit hole but travel to social health care countries for his health care.

In other words, he’s just a blowhard ideologue who pounds home his beliefs regardless of the facts concerning levels of health and health care costs.

Its a gov’t attempt to provide health coverage to all US citizens. Sounds like Universal Health Care to me.