So who else is getting married soon?

I’m getting married 3 weeks today. It’s actually physically impossible for me to think about anything else.

I know Garius is joining the choir matrimonal soon, as is Crusoe.

  1. When’s the date?
  2. Church/registry office/other?
  3. Reception?
  4. Big or small?
  5. What have you got sorted yet?
  6. Honeymoon?
  7. What are you most excited about?

Yay weddings!

For me:

  1. Sat 3rd May.
  2. Civil - in our local town hall.
  3. Our local cricket club. Buffet, iPod disco.
  4. 50 people. Bigger than we initially thought, but not enormous.
  5. Everything. Final dress fitting next week, and that’s it.
  6. Eurostar to Paris, 3 nights there, overnight train to Venice, 5 nights there, train to Florence, 5 nights there, flight home. All booked.
  7. Seeing all of our friends and family together. And the honeymoon, especially the overnight train from Paris to Venice.


  1. When’s the date? April 26th (oh my god 14 days away)

  2. Church/registry office/other? My mom’s backyard, married by a friend of ours in a secular ceremony

  3. Reception? food and drink to immediately follow the ceremony

  4. Big or small? small - 35 people or so

  5. What have you got sorted yet? we just bought liquor today, so we’re pretty much ready - I still need to pay for the cupcakes

  6. Honeymoon? NYC in June

  7. What are you most excited about? seeing some out of town friends

Not me, but my daughter

  1. When’s the date? May 4
  2. Church/registry office/other? Civil - in Florida, a notary can officiate, and their friend Fred is a notary.
  3. Reception? Same place as the ceremony - a community building.
  4. Big or small? 90-ish guests
  5. What have you got sorted yet? They were supposed to be buying their rings today. Other than preparing the food, we’re pretty much ready to go - well, except mother of the bride needs shoes.
  6. Honeymoon? His parents gave them a week in a condo in St. Augustine, FL starting the day after the wedding.
  7. What are you most excited about? They’ll be coming to live with us for a few years. I’ve missed my daughter while she’s been away at school, so it’ll be nice having her around again. Even if it means she’s bringing him


I’m not getting married, so… yeah. Congratulations though!

I just want to congratulate everyone here, and wish them the best. I got married more than 19 years ago, and still consider marrying the man I did to be one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. We’re still crazy about each other, and if anything, are more in love than on our wedding day.

So, having said that, I’ll answer the questions:

  1. When’s the date?
    November 11th, 1989
  2. Church/registry office/other?
    Catering hall
  3. Reception?
    Same catering hall the ceremony was in; sit-down chicken dinner, open bar
  4. Big or small?
    Small. We had a very brief engagement (following a looooong courtship) and were self-pay. Fewer than 50 guests.
  5. What have you got sorted yet?
  6. Honeymoon?
    A whirlwind 2-day tour of local museums. :stuck_out_tongue: (We were broke after paying for the wedding, plus my mom was terminally ill, and I didn’t dare leave town).
  7. What are you most excited about?
    I was most excited about getting married to the man that I was sure I would spend the rest of my life with. Nervous, too.

Again, best of luck to all. Marriage rocks if it’s the right person.

Does it count if I already got married?

  1. When was the date? March 29
  2. Church/registry office/other? Outside by a lake in N. California, friend (ULC certified) officiated
  3. Reception? Same place as the ceremony. Lunch, wine/beer, dancing (ipod playlist)
  4. Big or small? 71 adults 3 babies attended (including us)
  5. What have you got sorted yet? Well, it’s over, so - everything!
  6. Honeymoon? Went to Italy for two weeks in January, and the road trip home was kind of a mini-moon
  7. What are you most excited about? Seeing the rest of the photos from our friends and the photographer! (warning: that last one has music)

Congratulations, everyone! :slight_smile:

Yay Frannie!!! And everyone else as well, of course…

I’m already married,of course, so no joy for me. However, I’d marry Astrogirl again in a second… the only difference would be that this time, instead of saying “I do.” I’d say “Oh, HELL yeah!!!”

Some of us get lucky. :smiley:

Eeee! Really soon! Have you got pictures of the dress? Do share!


The newly married couple are coming to live with you? You’d better be nice! :smiley:

I am totally excited and certain I chose the right bloke. He is my very bestest friend as well as everything else. After nine years together, it’s about time :smiley:

  1. When’s the date?
    Aug 1st

  2. Church/registry office/other?
    At the Zoo!

  3. Reception?
    The Zoo!

  4. Big or small?
    We are expecting about 75

  5. What have you got sorted yet?
    The dress should be here any day, I have the photographer booked, the JP, the location comes with decor and catering, and I am ordering the flowers tomorrow.

  6. Honeymoon?
    Still in discussion, probably New York to see some shows.

  7. What are you most excited about?
    Umm… I honestly don’t know. Probably just seeing it all come together.

  1. August 8 (08/08/08)
  2. Registry office
  3. At fiance’s dad’s club.
  4. Mediumish. Expecting around 50-60.
  5. Nothing really. Next week we’re meeting with the reception venue to organise the menu. Have an appointment next week to discuss ring designs. At some point I’ll go shopping with my sister for a dress.
  6. A month in Thailand.
  7. Most looking forward to the honeymoon!

Technically already married, but we still haven’t had a formal ceremony, so…

  1. When’s the date?
    July 12.

  2. Church/registry office/other?

  3. Reception?
    Yeah, though I don’t know much about it–since I’m away, Mom’s doing a lot of the planning.

  4. Big or small?
    Small as I can manage without excluding family. Which, with my mother’s family, ain’t that small.

  5. What have you got sorted yet?
    Most of the major stuff, just details like jewerly and accessories to be sorted out…and shit, a guest list. Keep forgetting to work on that!

  6. Honeymoon?
    Heh, probably not. We need a car more, and since we’re having the ceremony in another country, the trip can kinda double as one too.

  7. What are you most excited about?
    Getting it flipping over with. Ever tried arranging a wedding ceremony that’s taking place in a country besides the one you live in? To add to the frustration, I’m Catholic, which adds about 15 other things to deal with. Honestly, parts of it would be easier if I were closer, since it’s really hard to decide on flowers over the phone.

Not me, but my daughter also.

  1. When’s the date? - sometime in June.

  2. Church/registry office/other? - Very other, probably JP, unless it is in Pennsylvania where you can marry yourself.

  3. Reception? - Maybe - see blow.

  4. Big or small? - very small. Just very immediate family. When we got married we had 25 guests, which is the largest wedding for 3 generations now.

  5. What have you got sorted yet? - Practically nothing, but they’re working on it.

  6. Honeymoon? - Nope. She’s starting a new grad school in September, and is going to work for her adviser in July, and he got into law school. They’re still not sure if they are going to get married and then move from Oregon or vice versa. Our honeymoon was driving from Philly to Louisiana, but we did take a long time and stayed in nice places.

  7. What are you most excited about? - I think they’re far more excited about school then the wedding. They’ve been going together for 10 years, and getting married was a function of getting their life organized.

Me too, me too! Though as I’m marrying Crusoe I guess you know that, but as it’s highly unlikely that he’ll reply I get to tell you all about it - which suits me as I love talking about it. I have definitely become a Wedding Bore, but screw it, I only plan on doing this once so I may as well make the most of it.

**1. When’s the date? ** 12th July. 3 months yesterday, and yes, I’m counting!

2. Church/registry office/other? A hotel in Devon for a civil ceremony and the reception. We’re saying our vows standing over an ancient Roman well in the hotel grounds.

3. Reception? Same place - Pimms and canapes in the hotel courtyard after the ceremony, then amazing 3 course meal in the hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant (organic smoked salmon or chicken liver and foie gras pate to start, then lemon sole or sirloin of roast beef for the main, followed by either chocolate tart with an orange marscapone ice cream or a honey and pistachio parfait with a vanilla creme biscotti for dessert), then drinks and dancing in the hotel’s conservatory till midnight.

**4. Big or small? ** 75 - ish.

5. What have you got sorted yet? Most things. Invites are going out this week, next weekend I’m shopping for my wedding lingerie, the weekend after that I’m down in Devon for my hair and make-up trial and to try and track down my florist who seems to have gone to ground. There’s really very little still to do.

6. Honeymoon? Two weeks in Kalkan, Turkey, a gorgeous little port town that we spent a week in last October and fell in love with. We spent weeks trying to find an exotic honeymoon destination that a) we both liked the look of, and b) was within our budget, before deciding to go back there.

**7. What are you most excited about? **The moment I come face-to-face with Crusoe on our wedding day, and promise to spend the rest of my life trying to make him as happy as he’s made me.

We’re letting them live with us - I think that’s pretty nice! Sheesh!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We had made this invitation to her before he was in the picture - the idea was to give her a cheap place to stay (they’ll be paying us a minimal rent to cover the costs of them living here) so she/they can save up for a downpayment on a house. Plus my soon-to-be-son-in-law is going back to school, so this way they can afford it without taking on debt.

And we’re building them a mini-apartment in the basement (their request) - I think that’s pretty nice…
It’s nice for us, too, to have 2 extra folks when it comes time to do yard work.

1. When’s the date? August 2
2. Church/registry office/other? “Other” would be most appropriate, I guess. Either that or registry official. We’re looking at options now.
3. Reception? Of course. Nothing too fancy or planned, though, we’ll be in the Caribbean, so we’ll defintely have some fun.
4. Big or small? Right now, 16 guests. We expect the final number to be around 25, depending on who can get there.
5. What have you got sorted yet? Pretty much everything… we haven’t gone ring shopping, yet, but we’ve got time. A friend is insistent on planning more, we’ll see how that goes… :slight_smile:
6. Honeymoon? In the Caribbean!
7. What are you most excited about? First international vacation, all of my close friends will be there, family… I don’t know if there’s any one thing I’m the most excited about. It’s definitely how I always envisioned my wedding going, for sure.

Gorgeous photos! I love how you dressed your bridesmaids in different shades of green - so pretty! - plus the quirky little touches like the Converses and the model bride and groom.

Here’s the dress worn by someone other than me.