So who should play Catwoman?

I’m making a wild guess that the next Batman film will feature a new Catwoman as the main villain. I would have said Maggie Gyllenhaal, if not for the fact that she’s already in the current film. Who’d you like to see vamping around in skintight leather, whipping a bullwhip around?
Just please, please, PLEASE God don’t let it be Halle Berry.

Kim Kardashian. You did say skintight leather, right? As you can tell, I’m not too concerned about the acting.

Good question. I thought about this one for a little while and names like Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman (think V for Vendetta) went through my head, but I think my winner would have to be Naomi Watts. Terrific actor and not entirely unathletic.

I’m interested as to what others think.

Just as an aside, I’d love for Nolan(s) to pick a more obscure villain…

Someone talented that I haven’t heard of.

Erin Grey wuz robbed last time. Let’s let her do it.

Given that we want good acting as well as sex appeal, I suggest Christina Ricci. I think she has the chops to handle whatever brilliant twist Christopher Nolan throws at the character. She’s been that one actress that I always thought would pop, but never did. Plus, I would like to see her in leather.

If you want to play it older and more exotic, go with Monica Bellucci. She is incredible.

Just avoid Angelina Jolie. After seeing Wanted, I am no longer that into her. It has nothing to do with age. She just looks unhealthy. She needs to gain some weight, and the fear of putting on the catwoman suit would probably drive her further away from the pantry.

Naomi Watts is one of the worst actresses to ever live. God I really hope she doesn’t play Catwoman. She doesn’t have the slinky sex appeal to pull it off. Haven’t you seen Eastern Promises? A movie that would have been a 10/10 if not for Naomi Watts.

I suggest Mary Louise Parker, or Hillary Swank.

One of the worst actresses to ever live :dubious:. I thought she was pretty good in Eastern Promises and really really good in 21 Grams. I dunno, I find her sexy. To each their own.

I can get behind Hillary Swank. That’s a good call. Not a fan of Mary Louise Parker though.

Hillary Swank. Great actress. Fantastic performer. Not a great looker, though. Not to say Catwoman has to be a beauty, but they’ll probably want the sex appeal.

I mean, Swank has been rather masculine in both her Oscar roles.

It would be terrible for Swank to dress up as a leather cat, only to see the Gotham Herald proclaim, “CATMAN PROWLS FOR GOTHAM’S RICHES!”

Jennifer Carpenter? She would need to put on some muscle, but she’s got a nice look and can certainly play a sexy tomboy alright.

But most likely he would go for someone who has recently at least been nominated for an Oscar and is decently young. In that vein:

Amy Ryan
Keira Knightley
Charlize Theron
Michelle Williams
Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Biel has the looks, the athletic bod and that little bit of bad girl attitude necessary to pull it off.

We need a bit of a break from Angelina Jolie, and she needs to take time off with her children. She isn’t looking healthy at all.

Swank is a good actress, but I can’t imagine her being “feline” enough for the role. Perhaps Scarlett Johansson? He has worked with her and Hillary Swank before.

I vote for Jeri Ryan simply to get her back into skin tight outfits.

Eartha Kitt.


Ah! But… how do we know that this new-Gen Batman universe’s Selina will favor the skintight outfit? Over 6 decades we’ve had her work in skintights and in dresses, cowl-masked, eyes-only-masked and unmasked.

Should be interesting to see if lightning strikes three times and this crew could say “This is how you do Catwoman RIGHT”. Of course, after the Halle Berry atrocity that’s not exactly a tall order… (please, in Og’s name, no magic cats!!! – which applies to the Pfeiffer version, now that I think of it!)
This is all putting aside that after Mr. Ledger’s swansong, bringing to life one of the classic archetypal Batman villains may be daunting; the screenwriters would be wise to intensely focus on ol’ Bruce and give whoever’s the chosen enemy a lower profile so as to save them the burden of the inevitable letdown.

Amy Adams or Isla Fisher.

Is Sean Young too old? We know she had the enthusiasm.

Dita von Teese

OW! Instant boner!

Isla Fisher? Yes, please! She wouldn’t even have to act or speak…just dress her in skin-tight leather, and let her purr and meow on occasion! :smiley:

Ouch. :smiley: