Dark Knight Rises villains(and actors) announced

It’s Bane and Catwoman.

Played by Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway, respectively.


where’s Mr. Freeze

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As much as I am in love with Anne Hathaway, I don’t think she’ll make a good Catwoman, nor do I think Catwoman is a good choice for a villain. There is still a sour taste in all of our mouths from that God-awful Halle Berry movie…and even the Michelle Pheifer Catwoman wasn’t that good, IMO.

I am excited about Bane, though, if they do him right. I can’t imagine there is any way they will actually have him break Batman’s back, though I do predict the first fight between him and Bats will put Bats in the hospital.

I was really hoping for Victor Zsasz, though. But I can see Nolan wanting to avoid him, for fears of people saying they just went with him as a way to “up the ante” from The Joker.

I just don’t see Anne Hathaway as catwoman.

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And Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman suit? I need to sit down for a moment.

Most of us didn’t see the HB version, and I have to strongly disagree about Pfeiffer–Batman Returns is, IMHO, the best of the pre-reboot films, and her Catwoman is a big reason why. I don’t envy Hathaway having to live up to what MP pulled off–quite possibly, the best acting of anyone in the first four films.

Story here.

The WB press release names Bane and Selina Kyle, but not Catwoman specifically, perhaps intentionally?

Find -> Replace
Michelle Pheifer -> Jack Nicholson
Anne Hathaway -> Heath Ledger
Batman Returns -> Batman
The Dark Knight Rises -> The Dark Knight

Let’s just wait and see, shall we?

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If they go with a more Ed Brubaker/Darwyn Cooke Catwoman, this will be great.

I wanted Egghead, dammit!

Seriously, seeing that she’s a major player in the Batman world I understand why they would choose Selina Kyle/Catwoman, but I feel that one person running around in an animal getup is just enough. Having another person running around with costume-y “ears” on is pushing into the camp territory of the 60s TV series. It will be interesting to see how they implement it, if they do go full Catwoman.

I love Anne Hathaway, but I would’ve looked for an Olivia Wilde / junior Angelina Jolie type. Anne is beautiful and sexy but doesn’t have that sex-forward, danger vibe that Catwoman has in my mind…

A 10 years older Mila Kunis would make a great Catwoman. Hathaway? Not so much.

All the criticism above sounds exactly like what people were saying about Heath Ledger before the last movie. I predict she’ll be amazing - Nolan’s casting is always dead-on.

Can’t argue the point. She is paid to be an actress and I do think she is hugely talented. Again, just not sure she can radiate that animal sexiness I equate with the role, but I would love to be proven wrong.

Anne Hathaway + animal sexiness = Good.

Someone needs to rent “Havoc”.

Really? Cool - will do.

Too late to add: hmm, it gets low ratings on IMDB and Netflix. But there is a half-naked Hathaway to consider…

Damn, last I heard in the rumour mill was Anne Hathaway and Eva Green considered for Catwoman and Talia Al’Ghul. I really wanted Talia, because we don’t need another Catwoman portrayal.

Trust me, not worth it. It’s not at all like Katie Holmes in The Gift; you don’t really get a good look. Meantime you have to sit through a terrible movie with a ludicrous plot, dinner-theater-caliber acting, and chock full of galactically stupid, insufferable characters.