so why all the hate for captain morgan?

is it just alcohol snobs or is private stock really that much better then regular captain morgan.cuz this stuff(captain morgan private stock) aint really that bad or at least straight

In the early days of our marriage, my wife and I used to socialize with a somewhat older couple, for barbecues and sit-down dinners. The first time they hosted us, the wife gave me a rum-and-coke which she was very proud to say had been made with Captain Morgan spiced rum. Looking at Wikipedia, I see that it had been introduced to the US that very same year, so that probably explains her pride.

Anyway, AFAIWC, it tasted like ASS. I was too timid to say so, however, which is why I ALWAYS got a Captain Morgan-and-coke whenever we went to their home for dinner.

I guess my point, to the extent that I have one, is that I am mystified by the fact that Captain Morgan spiced rum DOESN’T get all the hate that it deserves (i.e., ALL of the hate there is. ALL of it).

Hate is a strong word, but there are many tastier rums out there to drink.

It tasted like ASS and you continued to drink one at every visit?

Eww. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
ETA: At the thought of Captain Morgan, not at the image of the preceding post. :wink:

You can’t compare spiced rum with regular rum. It’s not the best and it’s not well rum. If you like it, go for it, but also don’t pretend that it’s the best. Someone who denigrates you choice also probably sneers at blended whiskey.

Private Stock is the one with a real cork? I don’t believe it’s terribly expensive, and I haven’t taste tested the two together. $20-23 for 750 mL?

We had a recent rum thread.

By definition, anything that is popular must suck.

Or so I’m told.

have you ever drank captain morgan spiced rum straight though? cuz with my expierance with mixing rum like that ive found rum that isnt spiced tasted better when you mixed it with coke and stuff

ya,private stock is the stuff with the cork in it and it only cost like 20 bucks for a 750 ml bottle of it

His sack of Panama in December 1670 was in violation of the Anglo-Spanish Treaty of Madrid of the same year, which brought a halt to hostilities in the Caribbean.

Captain Morgan has two strikes against it: it’s spiced rum and it’s Captain Morgan.

Spiced rum has a lousy reputation because it is generally unpleasant alcohol with extremely cloying flavors added on top. It’s associated with college drunks, loud after-work women at horrible Bar & Grills, and throbbing hangovers. Before a thousand flavored vodkas and sickly sweet alcopops were invented, rum & coke seemed like the go-to drink of many of the last people you wanted to be drunk around.

And Captain Morgan is, perhaps, the worst of a bad breed – too expensive to really count as a truly cheap drink but not good enough to taste like something worth drinking. Harsh, with a hint of chemical imitation “spice.” Private Stock is certainly better, but it’s damned by association.

If you have to drink crap like spiced rum, drink Sailor Jerry’s.

PG - In the words of Will Rogers “Sometimes a majority just means all of the fools are on the same side.” Spiced rums are garbage.

I’m not a drinker but if their commercials are meant to appeal to their demographic, then Captain Morgan drinkers are a bunch of douche bags and that might give it a bad name.

Captain Henry Morgan, actually a privateer, was a remarkable strategist with many other victories against the Spanish besides the Panama campaign. I’ve never actually tried the rum, but if its taste is a phony as the image of Morgan on the label I’m not inclined to.

I can get Plantation Rum (5 year aged) for $20 / 750ml, so there is no other rum for me.

??? The ads show a pirate captain in a goofy red costume. What’s douche-baggy about pirate-themed ads?

I tried drinking the stuff, back in my drinking days. Didn’t care for it. Shrug. There are lots of different flavors in the world; it seems remarkably foolish to hate a product if you don’t care for it. Get something else.

Regular Captain Morgan’s is 35% alcohol by volume. The Private Stock is 40%. So the fancier formula is 5% better. (Exactly the same as the Plantation Rum that was mentioned.)

Yikes! Those are douche-bag ads, and that’s for sure! I’m sorry I doubted you. (Hell, I’m sorry I just wasted a couple minutes of my life watching those stupid ads!)

If I’d seen those ads first, I never would have tried a bottle of the stuff! That is one hundred per cent turn off!

What!!?? 40 percent minimum for the big 6 alcohols. Kill the Welshman!

I’ve said it before, but whatever kind of rum you have, be glad that it’s rum and not “rum.” I associate Malibu “rum” with the girlfriends of douchebags.