So why did they keep the mayor's testicles?

I don’t get it. Why? I understand being angry at him, and attacking him–not that I condone that behavior, but I don’t understand at all why they would keep the testicles.

The poor mayor! Let’s all chip in and get him a set of Neuticles.

Anyone else immediately think of Fight Club?

You did understand that “him” is a billy-goat, right? Not that it answers your question…maybe they planned some “Fear Factor”-type picnic. What I want to know is how a goat can be mayor. Am I missing something? (I know the goat is!)

People who live in that part of Texas are fiercely independent and very self reliant–if they want a goat to be mayor, then by God, they will have a goat as mayor.

Is this true? they really have a goat for mayor? And they actually ran a dog against him last election?