nekkid wimmin

Well,not naked apparently. Theres a bar in a nearby suburb and there having some traveling troup of beautiful women coming to dance. Now the mayor is huffing about morals. The bar owner said the womena re just going to dance,not even naked. I like my suburb and my and pl"s mayor. Any mayors in your cities do weird things like this?

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Yeah. My mayor’s threatening to evict all the artwork from the city-owned Brooklyn Museum building because he doesn’t like shit on the Virgin Mary.

Thank god they didn’t ask any naked women to dance, or he REALLY would’ve gotten peeved.


If they had shit on them as they danced, and sang along to the music, would that be scat singing? :wink:

Polycarp: <\Dr. Smith mode on> Oh the pain, the pain…<\mode off>

I always wondered about that perve Scatman Crothers.

Well, Scatman Crothers DID provide the voice of Jazz on The Transformers, and the voice of the title character in Hong Kong Phooey.