So WTF is in Wild Irish Rose?

Seriously that stuff has given me a hangover when nothing else could, drink a whole bottle of WIR in a night to see what a hangover really is! I NEVER got hangovers, not from a liter of vodka or beer or etc

I suspect some sort of anti-freeze:)

Based on my high school experience, sugar, sugar and more sugar.

A litre of vodka is pretty different to a litre of beer…

It’s well documented on a site called

I suspect anti-freeze would be healthier than the real formula. WIR is the alcohol equivalency of 99 cent a pack hot dogs, all the cheapest slag stuff they couldn’t use to brew better alcohol mixed together.

It’s thanks to that site I’ve never tried the appealingly named Night Train.

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Take it from me and don’t. I road the Night Train many times when I was young and broke. It was two dollars for a nasty tasting but funky buzz or four dollars until you were puking purple the rest of the night. If you are curious what it tastes like, it is like the nastiest wine you have ever had with some artificial, vaguely grape flavoring, thrown in but much higher alcohol content. It is basically to wine what cheap malt liquor is to beer. If you have ever had Mad Dog 20/20 or Thunderbird, the idea is the same.

The secret to bum wine is to buy it at room temperature and drink the whole bottle in as few gulps as possible immediately after cracking the seal. On an empty stomach, the buzz will hit you in about half an hour. I’ve had no hangovers with this method that did not include further alcohol or other substances.

The sweetest flower that grows, evidently.

20/20 at least has the sense to add a ton of artificial flavoring to hide the hideous “wine” base.

Night Train is really the most vile drink I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few vile drinks. It tastes, to me, like what I’d expect it to taste like if you drank a glass of wine somebody had put a sweet cigar out in, and then left on the counter for a few days.

It genuinely tastes like something you’re not supposed to drink.

I was working as a stockboy in a local liquor store at the time of my twenty-first birthday. One night, as I was leaving work, I bought a bottle of Night Train.

To be honest, I can’t recall if I finished it; if I did, it was only out of some misguided impulse to “not let it go to waste.” That shit tasted ba-a-a-a-ad.

Night Train to [del]Georgia[/del] Hell?