So you got a date...

…and you want to make a good first impression but you don’t have big bucks. What would be a cool little gift to give her that would lighten the tension and be romantic? Is a single rose or some flowers played? (Plus we’re meeting at a restaurant and I don’t want her to have to carry around flowers or something awkward.)
Is this sentiment oldfashioned and outdated…should I just forget it?

How bout a Pez dispenser? I’m serious! If you pick the right one, it’s nostalgic (depending on how old the two of you are) and cute. And if she gives you a weird look you can say “Just kidding” and stick it back in your pocket. I think it’s sweet, but I’m weird like that. :slight_smile:

If it’s your first date, I would advise against giving a gift. It should be very low-key and casual. Gifting on the first date seems a bit overboard, speaking as a woman. I’d wait until maybe the third date, then maybe a small token. Just mho.

That’s such a freaking cool idea Diddy!
I might do that, but it feels like I’m plagiarizing your coolness…
Wish I was that original!

This would guarantee a goodnight kiss. At least, from me. That is the coolest thing!! They also now have pez in sour flavors. Don’t ask how I know, I just do. :wink:

You see? What, you think I get by on my good looks? And devilsknew, don’t worry about plagiarism: I hereby grant you permission to give her a Pez dispenser. Now you’ve got the hardest part ahead of you though: which one? :wink:

IANAGD (I am not a good dater), but the Pez dispenser does sound like a cool idea. trublmakr does make a good point that giving a gift on the first date can seem kind of high-pressure, and it would never have occurred to me to give a gift on the first date. But:

  1. If it occurred to devilsknew, then that’s the way he thinks. You don’t want to start out having to re-think and double-think and second-guess everything you say and every move you make.

  2. You don’t want to come on as being too creepy high-pressure on the first date, but that’s hardly a high-pressure gift. It’s enough to show you’re interested and that you’ve put some thought into it, but funny enough that it would never wig out anyone. From my experience, it’s a lot easier to get so wrapped up in not coming on too strong, that you come off looking cold and you’re not showing any interest at all.

  3. Hack her to death with a kitchen knife.

Have I mentioned I really like the new #3?

devilsknew, try to remember she’s nervous, too. The pez dispenser is a way cool thing, because the single rose has been done to DEATH, and a sense of humor is something most women look for in a guy. Just sayin.

Uh, doesn’t that pretty much preclude the possibility of a second date? :wink:

I may be a bit old fashioned, but I kinda thought that was one of the goals of the first date.

devilsknew, you didn’t tell me!!!

I’m calling you, dude. But, you’re probably out on your date already.
:wink: Good luck!

Hey, what a coincidence, I have a first date tomorrow too! Problem is, I’m unsure if it’s a “date” or not. It’s a girl I met in the laundromat, and after a few weeks of phone tag, we finally are going to the movies tomorrow. Thing is, the nature of the few conversations we;ve had make me think she’s just befriending me, cause I’m new to the area and don’t know anybody. So I don’t want to go into it assuming it’s a date if she doesn’t think it is…that’d be awkward.

Umm… Diddy, is this idea original to you? I just wondered because one of the few times I’d watched a whole BtVS through, Willow was going on about her b/f Aahz, and how he was cool for giving her a Pez dispenser. She kept going through that ep pointing the PD at Buffy and her other friends, and going “Love” I think…

Doesn’t make you less studly if you did copy the idea - nor do think you had to have been influenced there. I’d never have remembered if you hadn’t mentioned it. Just now sitting here thinking of devilsknew date pointing her PD to everyone she meets going “Love!” :eek:

Of course people tell me I have an odd imagination from time to time. :slight_smile:

Well obviously I was just kidding about thinking it was the greatest idea on Earth, but no, I’ve never seen an episode (any episode) of Buffy or Buffy-like shows. I’m a composer, and when I send my monthly newsletter to people on my mailing list, I always close it with “And remember: [my CD], like Slinkys and Pez, makes a great gift!”

And I just happened to think of that when I read the OP.

It would seem delivery is all important in a Pez gifting. But if it’s from a buffy episode, then that might weird her out (…if she has seen it.). Thanks for the heads up Otaku Loki. I love the idea…and I love cheeze…
Maybe I should give her some Chick Tracts.

Why am I asking other geeks for romance advice?
Should have known a Buffy episode would be referenced!
You guys need to get out more- even more than me.

Give her pack of condoms, that will for sure break the ice :wink:

Just be careful about which dispenser you give. Some people are really really scared of evil clowns and it’d be a shame for your first date to end at a trauma ward.
(try for a selection to choose from) ya might wanna stay away from the bride and/or groom ones too. :wink:

PfeffErmenZ I just can’t help myself sometimes. :rolleyes:

Depending on the girl, gifts can work or not work. If it’s your style to give gifts, you need a girl that won’t get freaked out by gifts.

I’m a sucker for tiny stuffed animals, if anyone was thinking of giving me gifts.

Then again, in lieu of flowers after my tough week I got the Lord of the Rings unabridged audiobook. :smiley:

Vibrator :smiley:

What is this thing called Pez?

Sounds like a puzzle piece or a mouth freshener.

There’s an evil clown Pez dispenser!?!? :eek: