So you just won a bar bet...

You’ve just won a bar bet, and you can make the celebrity of your choice wear the T-shirt of your choice for an entire day, while doing all of the things that celebrity would normally do (yes, “celebrity” in this case means any public figure, including politicians).

You could put a Star of David on Louis Farrakhan, a “black power” shirt on David Duke, or a gay pride shirt on Jerry Falwell.

You could put a McCain shirt on Obama, an Obama shirt on Palin, or an “I’m with stupid” shirt on Cheney.

You could put a “slut” shirt on Britney Spears, a Apple shirt on Bill Gates, or a Xune shirt on Steve Jobs.

But all of those are pretty obvious, and they’re not really all that funny. What would you do?

Phred Phelps in a T-shirt that says, “Do Me in the Ass”.


Phred Phelps in a T-shirt that says “Do Unto Udders as You Would Do Unto Me.”

Carlos Zambrano would spend the day on the south side, wearing this.

I think the pink spaghetti strap would look good.

Schwarzenegger in a “I was the shooter on the grassy knoll T shirt”…

RNATB is great in bed” on Elisha Cuthbert.

Rod Stewart or Elton John would wear a shirt that says Yes, The Stomach Pump Story Is True.


Mine was, “Randmcnally is really great in bed” Elisha Cuthbert.

Ooooh! How about Richard Gere in an “I [heart] Gerbils” shirt?

I would purchase a web address, then put a t-shirt on the President of the United States with that web address. Then I’d sell it.