So you think that NOTHING is worse than the '78 Star Wars X-mas Special?

Well then, I guess you haven’t seen this travesty.

Brace yourselves before clicking the link. This debacle makes Jar-Jar Binks look like a good idea.

I’m pretty sure that isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

It also not intended for a national TV audience. It’s still better than most theme park stage shows.

Yeh, because that’s what Star Wars fans want to see, is their beloved characters dancing to overplayed 80s hits in a fake dance off.

Was that at Disneyworld? Because SW is 20th Century Fox. How did that happen?*
*Rhetorical question. We all know it was the money.

Never heard of Star Tours? 20th Century distributed the films, Lucasfilm owns the rights.

I am pretty sure that there was something similar in the Expanded Universe.

I mean if the fat guy from the first film has such a backstory… then a dance off is a small matter.

chewie can move. that was awesome! and that little jawa was hot.

The OP has clearly never seen the SWXS because that YouTube clip (amateur hour though it be) still had more entertainment value than the entire TV special in question.

That was awesome!

Donnie and Marie doing Star Wars:

That’s nothing compared to, say, A Special Sesame Street Christmas. “Special” being the operative word here.

Wrong. I saw the Xmas special in its’ entirety when it was originally shown (hey, I was only 7.) At the very least, the Xmas special had Bea Arthur, and the debut of Boba Fett. This…has a Princess Leia singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” The real Carrie Fisher singing while stoned out of her mind is so much more entertaining.

The Star Wars XMas Special also features wookie porn. That can be a plus or minus depending on the viewer I suppose.

Actually, I’m going to have to say that if you didn’t think that dance-off was 100% gold-plated awesome, your soul is a shriveled, hopeless husk.

In the dance-off, the Wookiee is simply dancing with the Jawa. He would have to have been moaning in sexual pleasure while the Jawa proclaimed itself as his fantasy in order for it to have been worse.

Nitpick: There is no “Star Wars Xmas Special”; the Star Wars characters celebrate Life Day in the Holiday Special, since they have no idea what Christmas is until C3PO and Jon Bon Jovi explained it to R2D2. (Of course, the droid also has no clue what a bell is; maybe his memory was wiped.)

That is nowhere near as bad as the Star Wars Christmas Special. I picked it up a few years ago because I thought nothing could be as bad as it was rumored to be. I was wrong. It is worse. It was boring. Very boring. Very very boring.

That was fantastic!

As with all things, there is the relevant xkcd.

I love that one, it describes me! I, too, once thought that it would be fun to watch the Star Wars Xmas Special, but how very very wrong I was.

The dance-offs are funny and my kids love 'em. (6yo is a SW fanatic.) Also–and this is the good bit–they are short.