So You Think You Can Dance 7/20

Can anyone say AMERICAN IDOL clone?
We’ve got the good and bad auditions, the sassy losers and the kids with real potential along with the borderline contestants with personality.
We’ve got three judges (all Brits this time), none of whom approaches the charisma of any of the three AI judges.
And we’ve got Carrie Ann Inaba!!! Is she the new “dance” star of tv, having just come off her tour as a judge on DANCING WITH THE STARS. Never heard of her before this summer and now I can’t get her off my tv! Not that that’s a bad thing.
Anybody else see it? Anybody else think there’s potential here?

Well, I think it’s meant to be an AI spinoff; it’s the same producer, right?

That being said, I liked it, maybe more than AI. Tons of talent out there. What I found particularly interesting was how honest the “main” judge was, saying that while they were looking for great dances, they are casting a show, and picked people based on how interesting they were, and not just their talent. It’s the “not so secret” secret of AI, and I was pleased to see someone actually admit it.

I thought it was 100x more entertaining than idol. I love to watch people dance. And there were some really funny ones on there last night. I will definitely keep watching this.

I have never had any interest in American Idol but I liked SYTYCD. I suspect it’s mainly because bad singers and musicians are painful to listen to, but bad dancers can still be fun to watch. However, I’ve never had any taste for watching losers in a competition get humiliated, and I thought the judge questioning the masculinity of the guy who danced with the ribbon as well as rejecting him was way over the top. Granted, dancing with the ribbon was a stupid idea, but saying “You lose, faggot” on national TV (OK words to that effect) was really asshattish.

Ooh, I forgot to comment on this. I’m surprised GLAAD isn’t up in arms this morning. It was very clearly an attack on the kid’s perceived sexuality. He goes to Julliard for Christ’s sakes, and he danced a hell of a lot better than some others who made it through. :rolleyes:

Well. . . first there were the kid’s pants! Doesn’t he know what a dance belt is for?
And then there was that dainty ribbon dance! He was toast from the minute he picked up the ribbon.
And maybe GLAAD IS up in arms and we just don’t know about it.
The kid was arrogant. And creepy. And I’m glad he’s not going to Hollywood!

I thought he danced extremely well (should’ve lost the ribbon, though. It was distracting.) and think he should have made it through. So maybe he didn’t let enough “personality” through and focused more on technical skill - so what? He can work on that. I do have to admit he was a little arrogant there, though.

Okay, there was a blonde girl really going at it with lots of energy during her audition - and I could swear she cut a couple of really loud ones while she was dancing. Did anyone else hear that or was it just her bare feet making those noises on the stage? :smiley:

The first time I saw the promo on Fox I knew it was just an offshoot of AI. I’m sure we’ll see on Fox an “American Actor” for auditions on best actor after “Dance” has gone through a couple of seasons. You know, after best actor gets picked on the show they get their own series on Fox or something. :rolleyes:

No, those were farts. They had a bit where they showed some of the dancers, and while they showed her dancing and farting they said, “Some dancers passed, some passed gas.” or words to that effect.

I liked the show more than I thought I would. Nigel is blunt and straightforward, but not entirely without compassion (he deliberately made a joke to help calm down the crying girl before her first dance) or a sense of humor (saying “you’re through [to the next round]” the minute Isis walked on the stage). The other male judge may as well have been a mannequin, but I liked the female judge (Nigel’s wife? sister?).

I completely agreed with him about Juilliard boy: he was a great dancer, but definitely gave off an effiminate vibe – even without the ribbon. They didn’t show much of him with his partner, but I was not at all surprised by Nigel’s criticism. I find it hard to believe that Juilliard boy has never been told before that he’s not masculine enough . . . maybe it’s a trait that doesn’t matter in ballet, but it certainly does in other forms of dance!

FWIW, I think that Tom Shales’s review in the Washington Post (registration required, sorry!) is way off the mark. My “favorite” part is where he says:

Dumbass. :rolleyes:

Geez! I guess she forgot the Beano. :rolleyes:

No one ever told him it was faggy. Imagine that!!

The top WTF moment - a team of 4 Ukrainian acrobats…er, dancers…no, they’re acrobats?..who didn’t understand English and eventually ended up walking around the stage in a big circle - and one of the 4 seemingly didn’t want to dance or perform, but only wanted to be seen on TV whilst…standing? Oh, and the nastiness of the Pepto pink, high-cut, way-too-tight jumpsuit the one chick had on, words fail me. The judges watched their “act” and still didn’t know what the hell they’d just witnessed when the troupe-of-clueless exited the stage. Other than the obligatory bad auditions footage, the show rocks.

Just watched it (had to tape – The Cut and Rock Star INXS were on last night :wink: )

I think this has definite possibilities. I agree that Nigel’s being upfront about “we’re casting a show” is great – and I like some of the characters they’re casting.

I was hoping they’d show some of the Philly auditions – maybe next week?

Damn! I forgot this was going to be on. :frowning:

Did I miss the William Hung of Dance?

That part cracked me up. I kinda thought they were just a bunch of college kids having fun with the producers.


I thought it was interesting. I wish they showed more of their attempts to dance the solo and partnered choreography but I guess there wasn’t time for that, it seemed like sometimes we just had to take their word for it that a dancer wasn’t good at that part.

One thing that annoys me about these type of shows is those people that when criticized have to say “Well, I disagree!”, and start arguing about it. Hey, it’s great that you have so much self-confidence but you’re just coming off as an ass and it’s not going to change their mind, so shut up.