So You Thought Married by America Was A Bad Idea

Apparently, Uri Geller, not content to be a fraud, has an idea for a better way to manage adoptions: the adoption gameshow. That’s right, he thinks that having viewers choose from competing couples is a good thing. Here’s the abstract from his patent application:

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Fox executives are salivating over the prospect of this show.

They should make it like Joe Millionare, where the couples get to spend the day taking the kid places. The kid gives his opinion on each of the families, and in each episode he eliminates one. In the final episode, he chooses his parents.

But…there’s something about the kid they don’t know about…

OMFG! This better never, ever, ever be a reality.

There’s something about Damien? Do you have spoilers? Do you know what it is?

The “adoption reality show” was a skit on Phil Hendry a few weeks ago. Maybe they got the idea from him.

How can that be legal?

How can there be so many people who care enough about the mating habits of such idiots as to keep these shows getting strong ratings?


A warning: never, ever, say ‘they’ll never think of a worse idea than…’

The more I hear about these upcoming reality shows, the more scared I get. How long do you think it’s going to take till we have something like The Truman Show? This is just scarey.

But not as scarey as the idea of pitting everyday people in boxing matches with Mike Tyson. I think they’re going to call it “My Life Has No Meaning, Please Kill Me.”

Which brings up the question…how long till we have competitions between people coming up with more and more inventive ways to commit suicide? Man, there’s no place to go but down.

It was going to be called Will You Be My Mommy?, and that bit was hilarious! I love Phil Hendrie, I listen to him on the way home from class all the time.


New on Fox!

Pregnant by America!


I’d like to think it’s not. Anyone?

I hope to God that this is a joke… Could you imagine the mental scars that the children would have to endure if they were chosen last? or if they were almost adopted, only if their potential parents hadn’t missed that last immunity challenge. Sick. Sick sick sick…

This is the guy who thinks Michael Jackson is capable of being a parent.

I’m waiting for American Gladiators to make a come back with the reality tv spin.

I’d like to think so, too, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be. We’ve had other court shows where the verdicts were legally binding.

How are they going to put a reality spin on American Gladiators? Werent the gladiors and the events real?

-x out