American Idle and other reality shows so bad even FOX wouldn't air them

It’s the time of year when people’s thoughts turn to what crap is going to be shown this fall on the major networks. So it’s now time for a return of a favorite thread topic: your ideas for a reality show.

If seeing commericals for reality shows has taught me anything, it’s that people will watch nearly anything. So for fun, let’s think of that anything. Show ideas so bad that not even FOX or ABC would carry them.

American Idle:
A not-so-hidden camera is trained on the living room of an average American. Watch him eat junk food. Watch him watch tv. Watch him bellow about someone losing the remote rather than getting out of the chair to change the channel. Don’t watch him get up off the couch. At home viewers compete to correctly guess how much weight he gains over the season, the guess to the nearest ounce wins $10,000.

Who’s Yo Baby’s Daddy:
Three women sleep with five men chosen from a pool of 20 by a studio audience. Throughout the season the women are followed to prenatal appointments and while in waiting rooms they ponder which of the men fathered their child. The hour after they give birth they’re asked to make their final guess. If they guess correctly, their child’s college education will be paid for. If not they get nothing, but the program will help them arrange adoptions if they choose not to keep the baby.

Who else has an idea?

Big Brother: Deathmatch

Stick six incredibly obnoxious people together in a house for a week with cameras on them all the time. At the end of the week, give them each a fifth of gin and 12 ninja stars.

I stopped watching American Idol after Six-Breasted Isis lost out to that lame Golden Calf.

They’re one step ahead of you.

Hunt for TV sperm racers

From above-linked article (thanks, APB!):

Because who doesn’t want a sexy baby. :rolleyes: And who checks the quality of the sperm. Is it a swish and gargle thing or is it done in a lab? :confused:

I like “reality TV”, but even I think this is going too far.

People WILL watch anything ::faints::