so, ...

Oh, no! It’s attack of the killer smileyface panties! This is why I don’t have smileyface panties. I’m afraid they’ll kill me in my sleep.

Don’t believe a word of this! Can’t you see he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothes? :slight_smile:

You’ve got to stop wearing smileyface stuff on not smileyface happy days. I mean, it’s getting scary how unhappy they can make people just by being there. :confused: Oh crap, you know what would suck? Wool panties.

I didn’t exactly know what was going to happen during the day when I picked out my underwear in the morning. And I did take off the smiley face ring when everything happened. And wool panties. That would absolutely drive me crazy.

That’d be worse than third day itch. :eek:

[They really need a smiley that conveys my facial expression right now.]

Yeah, that was my exact thought. Extreme discomfort. Although not as owee as what you almost had done yesterday.

Actually, I’d find the wool underwear thing to be more painful and irritating.

Not as painful and irritating as having your boyfriend back in the country, and not wanting to/being able to spend time with you.

Ha ha. [I’m sorry, I had to do it. You know I love you.]

Tasha and Jess, allow me to introduce y’all to something. It’s called the PHONE. Now, I know with the internet and all y’all can post this, but really you could have saved yourselves some time by just using the PHONE!

That’s right, for only X cents a minute you can have this conversation in 1/10 the time!

My noun has a brain, Tasha. A mind and a brain.

If you could kindly and gently explain to my how my noun ended up with those, I’d be grateful.