so, ...

If you were a sheep with hands, would you play with your fur?
I probably would, but then again, fur is fun to play with. :wink: That reminds me, there has been too much hand [sometimes foot] contact with people’s breasts lately in my area.

I’d probably do what all the other shhep were doing.
Then I’d get my hands (and feet) in contact with ssskuggiii’s breastses :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if I was a woman, I’d play with my breasts all the time. So I guess if I was a sheep with hands, I’d play with my fur all the time.

<Homer Simpson>
“Wool, honey. Its pronounced ‘wool’.”

Isn’t it wool and not fur? Fur or wool, yeah, I would. Just like people with boing-y curls play with it all the time.

Well, I’m pretty furry as it is, and yes, I play with the fur I’ve got.

Don’t ask. :wink:

I’ll play with your “fur” anytime . . .

I’d like some fur pie, please :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were a woolly sheep and stood in the rain, would I shrink? Naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Crazy Punhy. No trix for you! (When did I turn into Trix Nazi?)

I don’t think so. Only your coat would shrink. :wink: (doesn’t that make you want to wear something under it in public in case it rains?)

And people, my breasts have nothing to do with this thread. (Well, actually, I kinda brought them up in it. Go ahead if you truly want to.)

If I were a sheep and all the other sheep were doing it, then of course I was. I love the way that this question cam about. And anyway, my hands (and feets) are sorry for meeting your breastesses.


::ducking and running::

POKE! Poke, goddammit! Stupid smileys.

You’re such a sheep, Jessica. Well, YKWIM.

'twas funny.

Woman, do you have an obsession with touching my breasts? I know they’re nice and all, but what is up with you touching them all the time? I don’t mind, just why?

I am not a sheep, you putz! Anyway, I seem to remember you poking my breasts too. Some other people we know have wandering hands. But anyway Tasha, you know I can’t resist them. They’re so nice and squishy. [extremely sarcastic voice] I want you, I need you, Oh baby, Oh baby! [/extremely sarcastic voice]

Oh Captain, oh baby! I want to verb your noun adverb!! Lol. Yeah, I know. Yours are fun to poke too. And the other person does have wandering hands. That hand almost went under my skirt today. :eek: Better not happen again with that one.

The hand went under your skirt??? Anyways, thanks for showing me your ass today for the second day in a row.

It almost did. Thank god it didn’t. And you’re welcome. Not like it was a bad ass to look at, and at least I wasn’t wearing a thong under my skirt today. [My panties were quite cute today, weren’t they?]

Goddamn, I need a girl of my own. :slight_smile:

Not as cute as mine! Look, they’re smiling at you. They’re happy to see you. I love my happy face panties.

Not as much as I love seeing you in them :smiley:

Great googlymoogly this is a helluva thread!