Why are sheep so sexualy admired?

o.k. I know that zooaphilla exists, but what is it about sheep that always brings them up to the top of the pile of most abused animal, is it an asthetic thing (furry white wool fetish?) does anyone know?

In a related but no less bizar question, what would you look for in trying to find a cute sheep to pick it out of the crowd?

(I cant belive I just asked this? i’m not a sheep shagger, I promise. Will you please stop looking at me like that! ):wink:

We understand. It’s just that you have this friend who needs an answer.

shhhhhhh, keep it quite, my “Friend” doesn’t want people to know, rotflol.

IANASheep Shagger either, honestly*, but I would think that body size and abundance of supply have a lot to do with it.
[sub]Plus sheep are easy to hold onto if you wear velcro gloves.[/sub]

*[sup]Stop looking at me like that, you Ba-a-a-a-a-a-stards![/sup]

I think it has more to do with the stereotype of shepherds as lonely men.

If sheep are top of the animal hit list so to speak* then why? HHmmmmm

  1. Lots of them around
  2. Not that big, won’t break your neck
  3. Hi Opal
  4. Vagina or A-hole approximating human size (don’t know the technicalities of shagging :wink: )
  5. Good kissers
  6. Discreet, unlike those pigs who are notorious gossips

I would actually guess that dogs probably get humped more than sheep.

My isn’t this a LOVELY subject

*don’t know if they are but I’m assuming they are


Because their vaginas feel the most like a human vagina.

Get a sheep & put it up to the edge of some water, like a lake, face the sheep at the lake & make sure their
front feet are just at the water edge. When you push them, they don’t want to go into the water, so they
push back, this also is why they are preferred, or so some guy told me.

Well, sheep are pretty abundant. People raise them all over the world. They are also just about the right size, physically. And most importantly, they’re pretty mellow animals. It makes more sense (assuming shagging animals makes any sense at all) to shag a sheep than to shag a bull.

Sheep are, by nature, very complacent animals. Especially if you approach them gently. Depending on what you’re into, you may like more of a ‘fight’.

That is just too much info for me on a monday AM.

A homosexual bull? Reels the mind (stolen from James Thurber).

[Martha Stewart] If you don’t have any water available, simply don some oversized rubber boots. The sheep’s rear hooves can be dropped into the rubber boots so that it can’t run away and you can gain some leverage for rocking to and fro. [/Martha Stewart]

This is just a guess, but i imagine with their wooly coats its easier to keep grip on them if the ewe doesnt return your affections.

With only a little bit of imagination, their bleating sounds like *
“You’re the one… you’re the one.”*

Actually, a friend of mine was taking a course in Human Sexuality (it was required) at the College of Marin (California), and one of the things that he told me he learned there was that the most common objects of zoophiliac encounters were ducks.

Now who’s going to fuck a duck?

We are all, each and every one of us, going to hell.

This thread has finally sealed our fate.

You can’t kiss them if you do it that way.

White Lightning-“the most common objects of zoophiliac encounters were ducks.

I haven’t heard of ducks per se, but I have heard about chickens. The technique is that you have to give the chicken just a little bit of a squeeze, immediately prior to orgasm. This causes the chicken to put up a fight, causing ‘kegel’-type contractions.

That’s just what heard, though.