Soft foods... need answer fast!

Friday morning my son had four wisdom teeth yanked from his mouth. I had stocked up with pudding, mashed potatoes, soup, yogurt, etc. but he is still sore and I’m running out of ideas. He is at the point that he can chew some things but probably not something like a steak yet. I thought I could do loaded baked potatoes tonight, but that is pretty close to the mashed potatoes we have already had.

Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated. He is not a picky eater.

Mac & cheese? Pancakes? Fish sticks? Pierogi? (Lent foods!)

Sloppy joes require little chewing. just the bun and its soft after you pour the sloppy joe meat on it.

To save time, you can buy a can of Manwich. Brown some fresh hamburger meat and add the sauce. Simple and quick

homemade is better but its nice having a 5 min meal option too.

When I had my tonsils out, I lived on macaroni salad and root beer floats.

Deviled eggs are pretty soft too

He is probably yearning for some protein. Hummus?

Milkshakes. Throw some protein powder in. Omelette. Pancakes.

Mac and Cheese has been frequent in the rotation… also some really good applesauce.

I like the idea of sloppy joes and that will probably be dinner tomorrow.

Tonight I decided on some tortellini. I got some that was freshly made and got a combo of some cheese and some sausage. They also have a good marinara sauce that I will serve with it, along with a Caesar salad.

He’s getting better and actually ate a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (one of his favorites) but it took him an hour and a half or so to eat it.

I should mention that this is an 18 year old athlete so he eats something like 243 meals per day which is why I’m running out of ideas.

When I had one of my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago, I subsisted on those boxed potato flake mashed potatoes, pistachio pudding, and soup for several days. And probably some eggs for protein thrown in there, but mostly the above. But I just love soup and there’s a million different ways you can make it and bulk it up calorically. Oh, and stewed lentils, especially a la South Asian versions.

No suggestions of mashed potatoes yet? For a Spudson? You folks are slipping.

No you’re the one slipping people had suggested mashed potatoes and the OP did too.
Quiches are soft .

Can’t do that… we’re both real men (you may not be old enough to get that reference).

Deviled eggs are going to the top of the list. I love them… not so sure about my son, but I’ll be happy to finish off any “extras” that he doesn’t eat. We’ve done scrambled, but I didn’t think about this being a good excuse for deviled.

Man, you are right. That will teach me to speed read when my eyes are so tired I actually NEED my reading glasses.

Can I redeem myself with bananas, perhaps slightly on the more ripe side? And grits if you are southern :slight_smile:

I am Southern by blood but apparently not by taste as I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t like grits. It has been a long time since I’ve tried them though, and after marrying a nice Wisconsin girl almost 30 years ago I’ve learned that cheese can make all things good so I may have to give them another shot. My sister has sworn that if I would just try “cheesy grits” I’d be sold.

Rice. I love rice with a couple of eggs on top. Rice and beans. Rice and corn.

Buttered rice. I really love rice.

As someone who has had around ten endoscopies in the last four years I can tell you that most options have been covered. Pasta offers a lot of options, so I’d keep that direction going. The only other thing that I can think of is chicken pot pies & cottage cheese (as a kid we had both together with apple sauce, and it was one of my favorite meals).

Good luck!



Tuna salad.

Canned fruit is remarkably soft.