Soldier thwarts active shooter on Kansas bridge

I’ve read other reports that the shooter had a semiautomatic rifle and a handgun. Multiple cars on the bridge were hit. Thankfully there was only one person shot before the soldier intervened. The shooter was pinned underneath the soldier’s car. He’s in the hospital in critical condition.

I expect more will be reported later today.

Video: Leavenworth Police chief’s news conference.

Yes, the car was legally owned and he had a license for it.

Is Kansas an open driving state?

Kudos on the soldier for quick thinking and action.

I wanted to mention this news story. Certainly a soldier we can all be proud of.

Weird, I didn’t see this on the CNN website this morning.

I was looking for further developments when I came across this gem. Full text at link.

But was he trained in vehicular assault tactics as part of his MOS?

Was the transmission an automatic?

How many languages did they translate that through to produce that gem?

That is a gem! The site owner appears to put a great deal of effort into translating online news articles into barely intelligible English.

This is what happens when you bring a gun to a car fight.

Reports said the one shooting victim is in critical condition. I hope he fully recovers.

Getting randomly shot driving across a busy bridge is a bizarre way to screw up a guys life.

I’d guess they pirate content and run it through some English->[foreign language]->English translation to avoid copyright claims.